Ghost Showcases A Power Punch In Its Debut By Fervence

28 Apr










Ghost by Fervence catapults yourself in the progressive rock world right when the album begins. With heavy synthesized instrumentals and reverbs throughout, this album brings a lot as a debut from Fervence. The 7 song tracklist goes into everything from the duality of life to aspects of a struggling soul. A standout track from the list includes The Silent Wall as its completely different from all of the other songs on the list. It starts out with an instrumental piano track and has lyrics “can I still be here if I’ve gone away, now we are in this place come and fly, always”? The instrumental intro sounds similar to church hymns and then it zooms off to a heavier tone with drums and guitar in the background. The vocals of this song go back and forth between being in the forefront of the song arrangement to the back, with the sound of Austin Bentley’s voice echoing in the background. Not only does this create a new depth of auditory atmosphere for listeners, but it also makes listeners curious as to what will happen next musically. If you are wanting to add some variety to your playlist during this weird state of the world, put on Ghost and get taken to the world Fervence has created.

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