Behind The Veil Of Light From Nyxem Catapults Dark-Synth Rock Into A New Universe

14 May

Close your eyes and take a listen to Nyxem from Jonah Hontos. It will remind you of the best qualities of dark synth rock meets the audio tracks of nostalgic video games all in one. There is a heavy mixture of synths and hardware sounds in the album. By merging the worlds of synth wave, metal, progressive, and game music, it all yields this sound that is definitely futuristic but something that is in a category of all its own. A track on the album that carries so much musical textures and synth is Ra In Thy Rising. Something about the way the song opens and goes in an upwards crescendo followed by the lows, definitely shows a variant way of the wave of the sound. War Engine comes at a close second for interesting compositions on the album. It halfway wants you to jump up and get running, and another part of you wants to put on your headphones and soak up the fast tracked sounds that have a lot of energy and get-up to them. A fascinating part of these songs is that no actual guitars are involved as instruments from Nyxem, its all created by synthesizers that get run through high gain amp modeling software. By mixing the ideas of the future, the blends of traditional progressive rock and metal, and sounds of game music, get ready to be transported to another world.

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