Heather Gruber Is One To Watch For 2021 With Latest Track Hiding From The Rain

7 Jul










Just listen to one tone of Heather Gruber’s voice and strum of the guitar, and be prepared to get sucked into her world. With lyrics such as deep below the waves, the sky loses its clarity, and as the world floats upside down, the obvious is hard to see, points out not only thoughtful lyrics, but lyrics that are fueled with energy and emotion. The way she effectively intertwines self reflecting tones with almost commentary as an observer about the outside and personifying the ocean, Heather Gruber stands out. I think when more people listen to this, they will realize that during this time of solitude and transforming, that truth and strength is within Hiding From The Rain. When listeners hit play and listen, they may draw some similarities between The Weepies and Jaymay. If you are just as moved as I was listening to this one song by Gruber, take a listen to her other music as well. With a wide scope of talent, she not only is able to make music that is reflective, but she also has an impressive vocal range and takes it back to classic piano ballads in some of her other work. The super unique quality about her sound is it is raw, real, and poetic. It connects to those who listen and leave them with an imprint of music in their eardrums and beating in their heart.

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