Your Life Is A Song By My Autumn Amor Album Captivates Rebellious Optimism At Its Finest

25 Jul










Get ready to dance the night away and listen to the album Your Life Is A Song by Autumn Amor. With lyrics from the Your Life Is A Song track like “thank you for being you” and “dance like the world is ending”, add an undercurrent of rebellious optimism in the tone of the song. Instrumentals that form a baseline in the background that are subtle and steady, climax into an upbeat jam session with the drums and heavy guitar only adds to the rock session that the album creates. Throughout the entirety of the album, there is a tone of activism and optimism. Heavy punk undertones fill up the album both in music style, lyrics, and instrumentals. When thinking about other bands that share similar sounds, Nickleback, Lemuria, and Smashing Pumpkins all come to mind. From a storytelling perspective, a lot of the songs on the album describe unrequited love, pushing through life’s obstacles, and embracing the chaos along with the way.

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