Get Big From Keen Garrity Channels Soul Seeking In Memorable Debut Album

3 Mar

Upon first listen to Keen Garrity, listeners will think of the smooth vocals of Shania Twain and songs from the heart. From the song Shotgun with poignant lyrics such as “when I met you, we ignited and I was firing on all cylinders” hit listeners right where they can feel it. Garrity’s voice sounds refined and constant through the album. She has an impressive vocal range and none of her variants in her voice sound off. As the album progresses, there is a quality that almost feels cinematic and transitional. The album Get Big begins with the anger and fury. When Get Big transitions to the song Walkabout/Stroll On and listeners hear the words “you made this heart the shadow of your own”, it sounds like the character is reaching a turning point and reclaiming their power. Just the detail in the lyrics by entangling metaphors and literal references alone makes her songwriting standout and her stories memorable. Get Big is the perfect album for anyone who wants to hear an original reflection on a journey that while coming from the genius of Garrity, listeners can channel all on their own with every listen.

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