The Windsong Spires By Echo Us Carries Listeners To A Different Galaxy In Latest Album

31 Aug

The Windsong Spires by Echo Us carries a deep level of transcendental magic throughout the entirety of their album. From the intense track of You Can Imagine with the vocals of Charlotte Enger and the percussion talents of Andrew Greene, the combination is nothing short of dynamic. The musical construction of the track has everything from magical keys of the piano, harmonies, and sounds of the woodwinds all cascading together to form a beautiful sound. Going along the elements of progressive rock, the intertwining of the intention behind the album also comes through. When focusing in on where Echo Us draws their inspiration, it should not be entirely surprising that the themes of space in sound and galaxy rock come through. The galaxy and orbital space the band creates with the airy constructions of the light keyboard and the reverbs creates something nothing short of what sounds like it came from an entirely different galaxy or astral plane. If one could grab all the positive elements of meditative music and spin it in something that holds weight musically, Echo Us comes pretty close. Similar bands that could be compared include the sounds of Reptar, St. Lucia, and Young Galaxy. If you are in the mood for something that carries fascinating musical sound, Echo Us delivers it.

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