Electric Treatment Free By Electric Treatment Free Brings Electronic Elements & Fusion In Newly Released Album

14 Sep

Electric Treatment Free by Electric Treatment Free starts off in a very lighthearted way with the sounds of the keyboard and electronic elements. Throughout the album, the ups and downs of the music sounds like they are coming from another universe. Audio clips integrated into the music creates intentional chaos and feelings of happiness where it belongs. To a listener this seems a little bit hard to interpret, but the piecing together makes it feel like the sporadicness is needed to make sure everything connects. Electric Treatment fuses a mixture as well of musical sounds that are strong on their own and cranks it up a notch within their album. Hearing double synths, revved up guitar playing, and sounds that are lingering a bit longer all come into play on the album. Without a doubt, Electric Treatment keeps the listener’s ears and brain excited to what they are listening to and puts more weight into the creative masterpiece.
For More Listening:

Artist Website


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