Nikki Wozzo & The Bad Whiskey’s Album Bad Whiskey Reveals Good Spirit

14 Sep

Nikki Wozzo & The Bad Whiskey releases album Bad Whiskey and it delivers soul, angst, and spirit. From the album’s start, there is no hesitation from the vocals of Nikki Wozzo and the music accompanying his gritty, strong voice. With standout tracks like Wild Rose, there is a layer of unspoken rebellion and heart. From the soulful riffs of guitar playing from Ray Miller to the drums of Mike Mallais everything works effortlessly together. The album overall works cohesively together with a steady tone of the meaning of time, love, and the inner wild in all of us. Listeners will hear that the band’s sound is not only unique, but the storytelling intertwines so much about growing up, first loves, and the feeling of showing up as your true self.

For More Listening:

Artist Website

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