Almighty God/Poderoso Dios By Tino Ojeda Interweaves Faith & Beauty In Latest Single

18 Oct

Almighty God by Tino Ojeda proclaims the joy of God in the most meaningful way. With lyrics such as “in my greatest need, you are there”,”when I’ve lost all hope you are there” accompanies the majestic piano and vocals of Tino Ojeda. The song exists as not only a beacon of light, but definitely hooks listeners in no matter what faith they may be. The unique part about this song as well is that there is a Spanish version as well, titled Poderoso Dios. Ojeda carefully intertwines the sound of piano, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums all within the powerful song. Equally as fascinating, Tino Ojeda still serves as the Worship Pastor at Emmanuel Bible Church, which has vibrant communities of both Spanish and English backgrounds.When asked the why behind the making of his songs and being a creator, Tino states that they are to express purpose of uniting culture under the banner of God’s love. In the world of music, music gets created day in day out, but to also have such a strong purpose is something that makes Tino Ojeda’s music so easy to listen to and feel it in your heart.

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