Mr. Grossman’s Album Novella Combines Stories & Personal Tracks Into One Collection

10 Oct

Mr. Grossman’s album Novella combines stories and personal tracks into one collection. A collection of 4 original tracks set the scene in his experimental album. The track Any Takers combines the instrumental with a vibe of mystery. With lyrics such as “putting on my best shoes and my best face, going out for my next embrace” paint a picture of a person’s place in the world and where heartbreak catapults them. Its inspiring to hear a story about how a woman takes her pain and is challenging herself to get out there into the unknown. Another standout track Escape works almost hand in hand with the first track on the album. With the musical arrangement being such a beautiful mix of piano and vocals of Mark Grossman, the lyrics “escape to me, I won’t thank you much, I won’t ask too much, I won’t make too many plans” offer almost like a soft shoulder to cry on in conjunction with Any Takers. The beautiful mixture of instruments and meaningful lyrics combine into a collection that listeners will want on repeat.

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