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I Love the 90’s: 2012 Edition

7 Jun

Hey all!

Is it me or does there seem to be a rapid fire explosion of 90′ alternative artists releasing new albums? Sound Garden has reunited (maybe taking a cue from Pearl Jam last year?), and No Doubt, Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple are all releasing new material this year. As a Nickelodeon loving 90’s child, I could not be more pleased.


Here’s the latest single, “Magical Child” by our friend Alanis, whose angry twenties seem to be long behind:


Likewise, here’s the  brilliant new song “Every Single Night” from Fiona Apple, who on June 19th will release an Album abbreviated as “Idler Wheel”.

Summer of FUN.

4 Jun

Hey all it’s Amanda here.

Many of you may have heard the infectious single “We Are Young” playing on a loop on the radio by now. The song is by the Indie alternative band FUN., with the lead vocalist Nate Ruess.

Rising from relative obscurity, the band is currently touring across the country to sold out shows. Ruess’s amazing vocal talent is partially to blame for this, with a range sometimes compared to that of Freddie Mercury.

The band is certainly a welcomed breath of fresh air to the music scene. Songs off the band’s album “Some Nights” have a catchy, unassuming, and endearing quality to them.

The band’s new music video for their latest single “Some Nights” is set to release soon. If you have not yet seen it, here is the band’s performance of their single “We Are Young” on the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Top Breakout Artists of 2011

20 Dec

It’s December folks and that inevitable year end nostalgia has begun to kick in. As we all take a collective sigh and look back on these past 12 months, we can get a sounder grasp of our highs and lows. In the music industry, certain artists have clearly hit a soaring peak. Foster the People rose from obscurity to sold out shows, as the British soul scene blew up with the likes of Adele.

From Florence and the Machine to Kreayshawn, I think that 2011 brought in different artists with very new sounds. The unyielding mainstream mold, in my opinion, has certainly started to erode.

Who do you think had the best breakout year in 2011?


And the “Watch the Throne” Tour Begins

30 Oct

When hip-hop powerhouses Jay Z and Kanye West announced that they were collaborating on an album last year, heads across the country exploded. Now with their album “Watch the Throne” long released, the duo have kicked off their tour, starting in Atlanta. Part of the setlist includes obvious staples from their album together (“Otis”, “Who Gon Stop Me”), as well as clear solo hits from the past (Ye’ performed a bit of “Jesus Walks” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”).

Its not really bling unless it causes Scoliosis.

Obviously, Kanye and Jay Z don’t need the money at this point (pan to Kanye’s entire bottom row of diamond teeth)-they are touring because they actually want to. With a fair share of dramatic entrances and heartfelt encores, the tour should definitely be a successful pursuit.

Here’s a single off their album, “Otis”

The Up and Coming: Foster the People

16 Oct

So I’m sure based on last week’s SNL that many of you have already heard of Foster the People. Now touring with sold out shows across the country, the band is a perfect example of Indie resonating with the masses.  Based in Los Angeles, California, Foster the People is composed of the trio Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink. With the break through single “Pumped Up Kicks”, the band’s sound is sort of an effortless cool. Not quite hipster but not quite mainstream, Foster the People manages to appeal to a variety of audiences. What I like most about the group is not only their catchy lyrics or calming electronic beats. Rather, despite their alarming popularity, Foster the People has not appeared to sell out. No longer under the radar, the band has risen to the ranks organically with zero pretension.

Heres the band performing my personal favorite, “Houdini” on SNL

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