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Surprise! Visual Music.

18 Jun

So I know a lot of you were probably wondering where this week’s Musical Lexicon was hiding. Well, guess what? I’m doing a Visual Music instead! I CUT THE BRAKES! WILDCARD, BABY! Matt thinks he can throw my category into the archive? Think again, Matt. Just because I just started a full time job and have a ID badge that says “corporate” on it doesn’t mean I’m gonna let THE MAN get me down! Let’s do this thing!


Category: Song Title

Some of those that write blogs, are the same that burn CDs.


Answer ( “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine )


Visual Music: Final Post

14 Mar

So yea, I am still alive. I am also so ungodly busy that I’m not going to be able to post ViMus any more frequently than I have this past, oh, month or so. Therefore, unless some crazy special stuff happens, you can consider this the last ever Visual Music. It’s been fun.

Note: I may periodically post non-ViMu stuff, but not in any realistic timeframe.

Song Title

Get it? Like the final countdown?

Hint ( I got halfway through photoshopping this, and thought… WOAH )

Answer ( Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio )

jk, it’s Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi

Visual Music #24

27 Jan

No, Internet, I did not forget about you again. Simply put, the internet connectivity on campus is terrible. I had the whole thing written up, and after waiting 5 minutes for the picture to upload I just said forget it. Here we go again, I’m gonna try this out…

Song Title


Hint ( This ballerina may not be in the sand, but you should have seen her )

Answer ( Tiny Dancer by Elton John )

Visual Music #23

21 Jan

Heading back up to school this weekend, so from now on these should be back on a regular schedule.

Song Title and Artist

Talk about a quick drink! AMIRITE!?

Hint ( I’ve photoshopped so many ViMus I’m going blind. I’m virtually braindead. )

Answer ( Coffee and TV by Blur )


Bonus: Music Video (one of my favorites)

Visual Music #22

18 Jan

Wow, yeah, my bad on this one. Busy life going on between business trips to Indianapolis, working on a project for my fraternity, and feeding my dark passenger by watching all 4 seasons of Dexter in 2 weeks. Long story made less long, I forgot all about Visual Music, and this blog. I’m back though, so here goes.

Bonus line after the answer on this one, too…

Song Title and Artist

Suck it, Trebek.

Hint ( This ViMu here is something from somewhere else. Red Alert! Panic! )

Answer ( 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger )

Not the original version of the song, agreed, but certainly the most known.

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