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Visual Music #21

3 Jan

Sorry for the delay on this one, I had another computer SNAFU. The laptop is still bugging out, but I was able to get the files successfully transfered over to my desktop, which I’ve determined is indestructible.

This one will be a little easier if you can identify NFL teams, and are somewhat keen on European History. Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce my favorite thing I’ve ever photoshopped ever..

Song Title and Artist

Gotta admit, I'm proud of this guy

Hint ( Let it never be said that ViMu is dead… )

Answer ( The Kaiser Cheifs – Ruby )

Visual Music #20

28 Dec

After a long weekend of Christmas cheer, birthday celebration, chocolate-covered vacations, and extraordinarily good family news, I’m feeling up and well enough to post a new Visual Music – complete with a hint this time! Also, once you’ve gotten the answer, highlight the next line down after the answer for a special message from me.

Song Title and Artist

BOOBIES! ...Kinda

Hint ( Like Snickers, this ViMu is guaranteed to satisfy )

Answer ( One Week by Barenaked Ladies )

Yea, It’s gonna be stuck in your head for a while now. Sorry.

Visual Music #19

23 Dec

No, it’s not a Rolling Stone’s song.

Song Title

Hidden message

Hint (Born in 1999, Lucas Maurice Morad can say this…in a few years)

Answer ( Papa was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations )

Visual Music #18

21 Dec

So now that classes are over, i’ve completely lost track of which day is which. Today was Monday? Oops. Here’s your (late) Visual Music.

Song Title

Reading this? Kudos.

Hint ( You can find this melody softly soaring through the atmosphere )

Answer ( Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie )

Visual Music #17

18 Dec

Thank God Almighty, I’m finally done with finals. here’s another ViMu comin’ at ya. Bonus points for anyone who can name which countries’ flags those are.

Song Title

Can you read this text? Yes? Awesome.

Hint (They’re going to Wichita. Think you can fight ’em off? )

Answer ( Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes )

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