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Visual Music #16

16 Dec

Matt, I hate you right now. Why? You’re home, and I’m still in the midst of finals week hell here at school. Sorry if the hints or clues or whatever I call them make no sense today, but its 9AM and I haven’y gotten to bed yet. God, do I hate finals week.

Song Title


Hint( I’ve seen a lot of things, but I always thought I’d see this Visual Music again. )

Answer ( Fire and Rain by James Taylor )

Visual Music #15

14 Dec

Yea, I’m posting at 4:40AM. Finals stress is fun. So in lieu of sleeping through the night, I decided to go on/off studying until sun-up, then take a two hour nap to recharge, more studying and work, and I’ll be exhausted enough to get a nice good night’s sleep for my final on Tuesday. Why did I decide to let everyone reading a music blog in on my study habits? I don’t know,  it’s almost 5 and I am mentally drained. Plus, nobody checks out the ViMus for the words, you just all want to see sweet, sweet, photoshoppage. Here you go…

Song Title


Hint ( Bono either can’t count, or he fails at basic Spanish )

Answer ( Vertigo by U2 )

Visual Music #14

11 Dec

Taking a break from my awesome all-nighter to post up this picture. I know it looks like Carlos Mencia getting hit by the car, but it unfortunately is not. It’s the artist that sings the song.

Song Title

Vi-Mu #14

Hint ( There’s a ball and a chain in that car. Now they’re wrapped around him tight )

Answer ( Crash Into Me by DMB )

Visual Music #13

7 Dec

Here’s a bit of a tricky one. It might help if you’re familiar with 20th century military history, and can identify tanks…

Song Title

Visual Music #13

Hint ( That tank could kill you with the wink of its eye. It’s everyone’s mourner. )

Answer ( Ballroom Blitz by Sweet )

Visual Music #12

4 Dec

Taking a quick break from studying to post this up or else Matt will release deadly scorpions into my room while I sleep.

Song Title

Visual Music #12

Hint ( Where was I? I was photoshopping this while you were getting high. )

Answer ( Champagne Supernova by Oasis )

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