Heaven Sent Delinquent By Shawna Virago Gets The Angst Just Right

19 Jul










Heaven Sent Delinquent by Shawna Virago gets the tone of angst just right in her music video. With a standout lyric of “cast my prayer to the wind”, the tone of religious rebellion is throughout. Watching the video, Shawna Virago’s creative direction excels mixing the perspective of her in her car on the road and her facing the camera making a stance. Mixed in with close up shots of her playing the guitar and the shakey camera, there is a tone of DIY realness that viewers will appreciate. I like that while watching the video, we aren’t watching cast actors or wannabes, we are seeing Shawna Virago, which makes it even better. Musically, Virago’s instrumental choices are strong with the guitar tones being intentional and full of angst, rock, and determination. Soft backup vocals make cameos in the background, light drums, and even the harmonica add even more to diversify the already unique sound she delivers.

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Keep On Driving From Geoff Gibbons Channels The Theme of Reflecting & Being Still

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Listening to the music of Geoff Gibbons always recenters me, and watching the video Keep on Driving continues that trend. When paying attention the lyrics such as “If I just keep on driving, out to somewhere”, you can really feel how the road is an open world. Geoff Gibbons has an Americana style of songwriting, but it also is easy to listen to as well. These are hard times for our world right now and while we may be up in our own heads, we still have music and nature. With the visuals of the road and the cars on the road in traffic, it puts the feeling of certainty through the uncertainty of our society. The music he makes will touch your soul and have you not only look inward, but be optimistic at what lies ahead. When thinking about Gibbon’s idea of paths and the power of the road, it also brings the idea that we still have the freedom of driving down the road and have the windows down while looking at the clouds and being in a state of reflection.

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Heather Gruber Is One To Watch For 2021 With Latest Track Hiding From The Rain

7 Jul










Just listen to one tone of Heather Gruber’s voice and strum of the guitar, and be prepared to get sucked into her world. With lyrics such as deep below the waves, the sky loses its clarity, and as the world floats upside down, the obvious is hard to see, points out not only thoughtful lyrics, but lyrics that are fueled with energy and emotion. The way she effectively intertwines self reflecting tones with almost commentary as an observer about the outside and personifying the ocean, Heather Gruber stands out. I think when more people listen to this, they will realize that during this time of solitude and transforming, that truth and strength is within Hiding From The Rain. When listeners hit play and listen, they may draw some similarities between The Weepies and Jaymay. If you are just as moved as I was listening to this one song by Gruber, take a listen to her other music as well. With a wide scope of talent, she not only is able to make music that is reflective, but she also has an impressive vocal range and takes it back to classic piano ballads in some of her other work. The super unique quality about her sound is it is raw, real, and poetic. It connects to those who listen and leave them with an imprint of music in their eardrums and beating in their heart.

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Keep On Driving By Geoff Gibbons Channels Life of The Road

3 Jul










Close your eyes and tune into the latest single Keep on Driving from Geoff Gibbons and get ready to reflect. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Canada, he brings an unwavering dose of talent. With powerful lyrics like “I gave them my soul and they buried me deep” setting the tone for an anthem, Gibbons brings his heart into this song. With the sultry instrumentals combining the sounds of the tambourine, guitar, and cabasa, Keep on Driving brings an extra layer of diverse sound as well. This is a perfect song to reflect and tune into if you are in the mood for reflecting and listening to music ready to ignite your soul. By combining the Americana sound with the strong lyrics, Gibbons creates something quite remarkable. It should not surprise listeners that while listening and trying to pinpoint a direct influence within his music, you’ll feel like his music intertwines that of an artist on the road, not being tied down to one sound and one source of inspiration.

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Guy Grogan Sings His Heart Out In Newest Album Same Morning Light

20 Jun










From start to finish, Guy Grogan’s album sounds like an eternal daydream. With the songs having a tonality of beach and surfer rock, it also adds a dash of space rock in there too. The synthesizer adds texture to his songs on the album and intertwines you on the musical journey. The Wind Will Blow Us Home is a significant track within Same Morning Light because it balances the feelings of wandering and reflecting. With lyrics such as if we lose our way, the wind will blow us home characterizes the emotions of taking your own path and blending it with that of optimistic melancholy. Grogan’s voice remains consistent on the album, waving up and down in all of the right parts of his songs. If hearing his voice on his album and not recognizing the talent here, Grogan has received awards for his songwriting from New Mexico Music Awards, Indie International, Song of The Year, American Song-Writing Awards, and UKSC. Reflecting on who vocally shares the same sound, the voice of Andrew Kenny from American Analog Set comes to mind. The storyteller writing style and the simplistic music arrangement further adds similarities as well. I’m mainly asking myself why have I not heard of Guy Grogan before this? Although he has been releasing music since 2010, this album definitely stands out as one that is raw, real, and unapologetically carries the aura of brilliant confidence. Guy, you have a new fan.



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