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Lord Sonny The Unifer Delivers A Throwback 1970s Inspired Album Titled Final Notice

13 May

Lord Sonny The Unifer carries the tonality of the free spirit of the 1970s, grunge of the 90s, and easy listening of modern day music. Lead by musician Gregory Jiritano, the album cohesively shows a well thought out theme and mood. Listeners will recognize first and foremost their sound is unlike most bands you hear today. With experience in sound experimentation in their earlier works, the tracks are layered with the varieties of stylistic instruments that add an intentional dimension. The album Final Notice alludes to the final call and warning that we get in the mail for various things. It serves not only as a symbolic message, but a political one as well. Lyrics on the album vary from reflecting and storytelling all mixed in one. March Forth carries a lot of the grunge and electronic synth-powered sound that characterizes their music so distinctively. As for those wanting to listen to a band that carries connecting messages to their audience with heart, go ahead and give Lord Sonny The Unifer a listen.

For more listening: The Starman From Final Notice


Novagolde Rocks To The Beat of A New Galaxy

14 Jul

If you want to treat yourself to music that you can dance to, cue up in your headphones, and experience nostalgia all in one, turn your music up to all that is Novagolde. A mixture of space and galaxy rock, Novagolde rocks you to your core. Dubbed ancient rock, the lyrics vary from talking about emotions, thoughts, and memories. All of these are characteristics of good songs, but particularly songs from the 90s highlight this narrative quality to another vision. While the band hails from Madison, WI, their music stands out amongst a genre that a variety of artists have meshed their sound into. There is not a single weak track on the album, though a standout track is A Chain Reaction. Novagolde, hurry up and launch your tour. Your music is not only tantalizing to the ears,but paints an auditory experience for your listeners in the new galaxy you have created.

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Collegians Crushes With Beautiful Grit In Newly Released Track Killer

5 May

Crushing the grunge rock genre since 2014, and trailing it with their raw sound, Collegians manifests their contagious sound in their latest track, Killer. Sounding similar to Linkin Park, Muse, and Verve, the Collegians sound makes you forget where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going to. Possessing a mix of recognizable 90s grunge rock that infiltrates your existence as a whole, the band succeeds with showcasing that beautiful grit. The vocal talent of Glenn Patrick combined with the gothic and strong lyrics make listeners hooked for more. With the lyrics of “love to hate, that’s why I’m praying for you”, Patrick’s delivery of their powerful music makes Collegians soar and connects their sound to listeners from all walks of life, no matter where they may be.

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Ivan Beecroft Carries 90s Grunge Rock Into 2018 With Album Whatever

15 Jan

When audiences listen to Ivan Beecroft and his music, they can pinpoint how he carries the reputation of rock and runs with it in his sound. The overall tone of the album Whatever ranges from angst, to politically charged, and every mood in between. Minimalistic in sound and inspired by 90s grunge rock, listeners can hear the simplicity and rawness of Beecroft’s sound within Whatever. Before writing music, Beecroft worked in the steel industry. Within the album, reflections on work, the environment, and opinionated musings populate the track list. Inspired by the sounds of the Sex Pistols, Joy Division, and the Clash, Whatever spins a 2018 twist on the greats, Beecroft style.

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