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The Judgement of Social Media – More Beatles’ Auctions – Abbey Road

3 Jan

Justin Bieber is Loved by the Internet

Link: http://www.nme.com/news/justin-bieber/54412

According to the social media calculator Klout.com, Justin Bieber rules the web with an iron fist (more like a scrawny fist). Klout measures internet popularity by combining tweets, Google mentions, Facebook likes, and other web indicators. After analyzing the details you are given a score out of 100. 100 marks popularity. Bieber has a perfect score (most likely the only thing he has ever scored 100 on). That is more than President Barack Obama who scores 88 on the service. I have a score of 21! Yeah! I’m moving up in the world.

So, does this matter at all. No, of course not. It is simply a way to judge your internet popularity and if people searching or mentioning you matters for your psyche, then I guess this is important. (Mention me! I want better Klout!) But, in all honesty, most internet users have the attention span of a goldfish and clicking the mouse is the portal to the grand diversity of internet addiction. Seriously, you can probably get from this post to a rousing video of animals jumping on trampolines. That probably would have an awesome Klout score.


Beatles’ Auction…Again

Link: http://www.billboard.com/#/news/lennon-s-abbey-road-suit-sells-for-46k-in-1004137651.story

Wow. Another item of Beatles’ history was up for auction. Beatles’ items are being auctioned off faster than beanie babies used to sell. It seems that everyday I see another thing being sold. At Braswell Galleries’ annual New Year’s Day auction, John Lennon’s famous white suit which he wore on the Abbey Road, was sold to an anonymous bidder for $46,000. That is one expensive, ugly suit. Soon enough they will be selling grass from Lennon’s grave. Anything auctioneers can take from Lennon they will. Heck, they may even auction off Yoko.


McCartney talks Abbey Road

Here is a great video of Paul McCartney talking about his experiences recording music at Abbey Road during his Chaos and Creation at Studio 2. Here is some talking and a beautiful performance of “Friends to Go”

Beatles’ Selling, Axl Suing, Fleet Foxes Personalizing

24 Nov

Who said that the agreement that finally put Beatles‘ songs up for sale on iTunes was no big deal? After a week on iTunes, The Beatles’ have sold 450,000 albums and two million individual songs worldwide.

Link: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/11/24/beatles-week-1-2-million-singles-sold-but-which-classics-endure/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Am I surprised? No. The Beatles once again prove why they are the biggest band in the world. Ever. It does not matter that they broke up 40 years ago. Hey, Usher, remember when you said Justin Beiber was a pop craze like the Beatles. Lets see if 40 years from now he is still selling like the Beatles.

The massive quantity of songs and albums sold reflect a symbolic jailbreak of music. It is nice to see that people did not acquire the mp3 versions of the songs for their portable music devices illegally. Well, some, some waited to acquire the music legally.

So, I guess we can look at the ratings and see what is officially the most popular Beatles’ song and album – according to iTunes sales.

Best Selling Album: Abbey Road

Best Selling Song: Here Comes the Sun“…

Which is off of Abbey Road, my favorite Beatles’ album. iTunes fans have spoken. Now, while the best Beatles’ song is arguably “A Day in the Life” and best album probably is the one with peppers in its name, this is certainly telling. Heck, Abbey Road was the last album released before the Beatles dissolved. Imagine if they kept releasing music. Do you see what I did there?


In other news, Axl Rose is suing Activision, makers of the Guitar Hero games, for $20 million. Yawn. Store this in the I don’t really care news bin. Rose, who is already rich, is looking for more money because…well read the article if you are interested.

Link: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/axl-rose-sues-activision-over-guns-n-roses-guitar-hero-feature/story-e6frfku0-1225960010189


Performing on Letterman (Credit: Blush Photo)

Fleet Foxes, the awesome indie/folk band from Seattle that took the country by storm with their eponymous first album in 2008, is planning on releasing their new album in the Spring of next year.

According to lead singer Robin Pecknold, the album is going to travel inwards.

“It’s a lot more personal to me and direct in terms of the lyrics, less shrouded in metaphor or visuals. Musically I’d say it’s still in the same family but hopefully just more refined,” said Pecknold in an interview with clashmusic.com

I am excited. Fleet Foxes is an excellent modern band that have the attention of true music lovers. Their brand of folk/rock calls back to the 60’s musical tradition and I am eager to hear what is coming next.

Link: http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/fleet-foxes-finish-more-personal-album_1185915

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