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Headphones, Poplar Trees, and Adam Brock

13 Jan


In the liner notes of his summer 2013 EP, Adam Brock writes “Everyone finds solace in song, regardless of age and circumstance. I hope this music serves that purpose for some.” Keen statement from the young musician from Oregon. Brock, a multi-instrumentalist with a sensational ear for melody, is the best kept secret in the Pacific Northwest. Heck, he may be the best kept secret along the entire Western coastline. With a whispery vocal that he skillfully layers to the euphonious instruments that he plays, Brock is the sweetest sound in Indie that you are not listening to … but will be soon.

I know I lay down a lot of praise on this blog, but I know when I should particularly highlight an artist. Brock is that artist. He is also humble and unassuming, which is a major plus in my eyes. This is a dude who not only knows music but also puts time and effort into perfecting the intricacies of his tunes. His small selection of music from last year was quite impressive, and it is all available on his Bandcamp for free, so I totally suggest checking it out.

“Poplar Trees” is from his 3-track release in January of last year. The first 30 seconds are a bit deceiving because Brock immediately provides this mystical vocal track that sounds like other Pacific Northwest bands like Fleet Foxes. This, of course, is not a bad thing, for I am a bigger fan of folk harmonies than most, but it is not Brock’s predominant sound. The consequent electric percussion and keys is more of Brock’s scene, and oh my does he sound like a young Death Cab for Cutie, does he not? The early 2000s Indie Pop bleeds from the song. Then, the bottom falls out of it and the song is carried by a halcyon picked guitar and Brock’s sweet voice. It is as the ultimate blend, and it is done masterfully.

“Headphones,” released in June, also maintains that Ben Gibbard sound (almost a minimalistic Postal Service). There is also some Bright Eyes and the Shins thrown in for good measure. Brock knows what he is doing. In this piece he even adds a Velvet Underground-like string section (cello, viola, violin). Honestly (and why would I lie), Brock’s music is excellent. He displays ability far beyond his years. There is only one question I can ask: why is he not touring the U.S.? Let’s make Adam Brock more known.

Check out his Facebook and Website.

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