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Celebrity Warship Culture Channels Post Punk Vibes In Latest Single

22 Sep

Rebirther by Celebrity Warship Culture channels some post punk vibes in their latest single. With Liam Scott leading the way within Celebrity Warship Culture, the ambient-new wave genre definitely comes through. The sounds of the keyboardist Todd Pickell, drummer Mark Pickell, and Trevor Gay on the guitar and contributing vocals all add something to the album. The song carries an intense feel from start to finish, intertwining the themes of religion and the idea of forgiveness within it as well. Musically Celebrity Worship Culture intertwines the perfect mix of new wave music, grunge, and light rock in their sound. When listeners draw comparisons to other artists, they can think and make connections to Lemuria, Meatloaf, and Neil Diamond. The wide range of their sound musically ranges from that new wave synth to the anthems of music that have the vocals carrying each song on the album.

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