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Totemic Delivers Unique Fusion In Falling

5 May

With an upbeat-club like ambient sound starting off the track, Falling, Totemic puts the listener right into a futuristic experience. Performing at well-known festivals in Eastern Canada, their roster list of credits include Harvest, All Stars, OM, and Solstice. Amidst the musical scene that Toronto has to offer, Totemic’s unique fusion between electronic and futuristic sound sets them up for musical success. Set to release May 17th, tracks of the Falling EP, include a combination of violin with the heavily synthed and EDM undertones. In addition to an impressive impact within the festival scene, Totemic has also performed with Daega Sound, Funk Hunters, and Gremlinz. Fans of EDM music, sounds of the future, and experimental artists, Totemic will have you experiencing something new and unfamiliar to your ears.

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