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Maxwell James Spins A Different Vibe For Country Folk Within Album Self-Titled

9 Jul

Upon first listening to Maxwell James, imagine a hybrid of sound between Sam Beam from Iron & Wine and Luke Bryan. Combining just the right amount of guitar strumming and drawn out lyrics, James instruments both perfectly in his album Self-Titled. The tracks on the album vary from angsty rock to feel good country, showing two different sides to his sound. With lyrics like, “roll down your windows slowly, you’ll get to know me” illustrate a storytelling quality that centers around ordinary happenings. The way that he arranges such lyrics to the music makes the qualities of country and rock music into a sound all his own. An example of this on the album is within the track Roll Down Your Window Slowly, a standout track on the EP. The merging of his unique voice, precise musical arrangement, and whipping up a melting pot of sounds will keep listeners wanting more from this Nashville based musician.

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Eric Frisch Transforms Still Emotion With Water Into Gold

30 Jun

With Water Into Gold, Eric Frisch reveals a different side of being a musician within his lyrics. His voice sounds so smooth and steady, instilling the unwavering highs and lows of a musician. Take a look at the life of the musician and while glorious to the audience, no one really knows what’s going through the mind of who is on stage. Frisch pairs up the narrative quality with specific metaphors that resonate with any music lover, listener, and one who has gone through hard times. Such lyrics such as “I was on the top of the world, all of them would fawn over me backstage” refers to fame and how its a powerful drug and it fueled his own perception through music. When trying to reference the sound of his voice and place other musicians in a similar category, the closest listeners can point out are Sam Beam from Iron & Wine, Lord Huron, and Band of Horses. His raw and real lyrics not only make him standout, but they offer a next level connection for his listeners.


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Eric Frisch Delivers An Anthem of Truth, Power, and Confidence Through Head Up In The Clouds

4 Jun

Upon first listening to Eric Frisch, listeners can hear the sound of The Weepies, Dr. Dog, and Iron & Wine all rolled up in one. From the ensemble rock sound and power solos on the track to the carefully placed keyboard, Head Up In The Clouds delivers such beautiful vocal talents of Eric Frisch, while simultaneously delivering an anthem of truth, power, and confidence. The folk acoustics and raw and powerful vocal talents of Frisch, will make listeners want to hear more of his raw and emotional sound. With lyrics such as “nothing can change who I am now”, and “now I know what I stand for”, the single Head Up In The Clouds not only delivers to fit the overall vibe of his other music, it makes anyone listening curious to see what lies ahead.

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