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Classical Davide – Acoustic Guitar for the Soul

22 Oct


When I was younger I wanted to be a guitar-wielding, vocal powerhouse rock star. After a few fledgling attempts at musical production with impromptu rock bands, I realized that my dream was limited to the occasional, recreational strumming of an acoustic guitar.

Turn on the radio today, and toggle through the stations. You are bound to find variations of rock and pop. That should come to no surprise to anyone. I dreamed of pop/rock stardom, and I did so because that was what was cool. I was a musical conformist, and although at 14 years old I turned my attention to 60s and 70s rock, I was still focused on rock dreams.

Davide Rigodanzo is not, and that is what makes this 14-year-old fingerstyle guitarist so special. A self-taught guitarist who started playing the guitar when he was 11 years old, he has aspirations different from your normal 14-year-old music lover. Davide, a spitting image of Justin Bieber, represents keen maturity and a perspicacious appreciation of the acoustic guitar and music itself. I’ll leave you to read some of Davide’s words.

“My preferred style is fingerpicking. It is not simple to learn, but I think that this style meets the possibility to have an accompaniment (with finger) + a principal sound more emphasized with the pick.”

You don’t hear many 14-year-old aspiring musicians talking like that. As a music lover, I have much respect for those who play the acoustic guitar well. The instrument has been slightly perverted by pop simplicity – a few chords and voila, a chart-bursting hit. I am endeared to those who actually know how to pick notes and extract emotion from an acoustic guitar so it oozes out in smooth sound. Davide is able to do that.

He even gets the slaps and mutes right! Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. “Wonderful Tonight” is my favorite Eric Clapton song. Davide performs it with sophistication and feeling. The sound is crisp, and Davide strikes each note with intensity. He demonstrates a true sagacity in his ability to not drown the sound by playing too quickly or let the sound echo too often. It’s a wonderful mixture.

I’m happy to introduce Davide to the Music Court readership. It isn’t everyday I am contacted by a classical guitarist, especially one who is 14 years old. We should all take a page out of Davide’s playbook. Don’t simply pursue something because it is perceived to be chic or profitable. Do what you love!

Mice Parade – Tales of Las Negras

12 Feb

I walked down a long, wide corridor. I knew that it stretched down infinitely, but I walked down it anyway because it was interesting. Every now and then there would be a window. I wouldn’t look out it; I would just knew that it was there. The corridor seemed to twist, yet from my perspective it was perfectly straight. It was also inhabited by familiar faces standing at random places not moving at all. As I walked farther, holes began appearing in the ground. I paid attention to these until I found the one. It was a staircase leading down to a pulsating purple portal of sorts. As I walked through I just saw just white, yet I heard the most amazing music I have ever heard. The drum beat rocked my soul, imbibing in me the strength to live eight lives, the synthesizer capturing the mystery of my dream perfectly.

The first time I heard this song I was woken up to it by my iHome sometime back in high-school. Let me just say that I stayed in bed until the song finished, and continued the day with a sort of unnatural energy and an air of bliss.

This song scales pretty highly on my personal psychedelia scale for that same reason. Everyone has their own personal psychedelia scale, the reason simply that everyone has had different experiences throughout their lives, and different memories act in their own unique ways. Ever hear a song from your childhood which you haven’t heard in a while and upon doing so you relive long-lost memories and forgotten feelings from ages past? That is the most simple of psychedelic experiences and it can happen with any song, psychedelic or not, and can be negative or positive.

Something as terrible as Justin Bieber could even have this effect on someone if they were listening to it at a significant point in their lives. Granted a Justin Bieber flash-back would most likely be terrifying, I’m warning all young girls to limit their exposure to it before their minds make irreversible connections and we hear on the news that someone got murdered while this song was playing. I ain’t kidding either. That would be a terrifying way to go out. “Baaaby Baaby Baby Ohhh, Baaaby Baaby Baby Nooo…. I thought you’d always be mine” and some crazy woman with a knife stabs you.

The future’s gonna be a scary place.


How’d we get here? Let’s get back to the car now and continue this post.

And let me play you the actual song so that you completely forget what happened back there in those woods.

Whenever I hear The Tales of Las Negras I still can feel that one morning in all of its tranquility and happiness.

If you asked almost anyone what genre of music Mice Parade was, I doubt that anyone would give you the answer ‘psychedelic’. Most likely you would get indie and possibly shoegaze. I personally would go further and call it good music, but even I wouldn’t say its psychedelic per say. It doesn’t have the weirdness that we all come to expect from psychedelia.

Nonetheless, I feel like anyone could appreciate this song. The Tales of Las Negras opens in one of the dreamiest ways possible. The drummer is really good and makes one of the coolest beats ever in this song. The synth/keyboard in the background creates that sort of mysterious yet uplifting sound you would expect in the turning point of some sort of moody indie film.

The singing is relaxed and gentle, sort of like a lullaby about some sort of fairytale which you know isn’t real but you listen anyway because it intrigues you. It serves to distract you while the song ever so slowly and continuously builds and gathers strength. By the end the song is like a refreshing spring breeze that would prepare you for the day ahead. And before you know it stops playing and you are left planning a successful day for yourself, or another listen, and definitely not murder.

This song would however make for an excellent song to play during the love fueled murder scene of some moody indie film… and only if it turns out that the act based on some sort of false pretense. And then it all turns out to be a dream.


Any directors out there?

This beautiful song is off of Mice Parade’s self titled album Mice Parade.


The Judgement of Social Media – More Beatles’ Auctions – Abbey Road

3 Jan

Justin Bieber is Loved by the Internet

Link: http://www.nme.com/news/justin-bieber/54412

According to the social media calculator Klout.com, Justin Bieber rules the web with an iron fist (more like a scrawny fist). Klout measures internet popularity by combining tweets, Google mentions, Facebook likes, and other web indicators. After analyzing the details you are given a score out of 100. 100 marks popularity. Bieber has a perfect score (most likely the only thing he has ever scored 100 on). That is more than President Barack Obama who scores 88 on the service. I have a score of 21! Yeah! I’m moving up in the world.

So, does this matter at all. No, of course not. It is simply a way to judge your internet popularity and if people searching or mentioning you matters for your psyche, then I guess this is important. (Mention me! I want better Klout!) But, in all honesty, most internet users have the attention span of a goldfish and clicking the mouse is the portal to the grand diversity of internet addiction. Seriously, you can probably get from this post to a rousing video of animals jumping on trampolines. That probably would have an awesome Klout score.


Beatles’ Auction…Again

Link: http://www.billboard.com/#/news/lennon-s-abbey-road-suit-sells-for-46k-in-1004137651.story

Wow. Another item of Beatles’ history was up for auction. Beatles’ items are being auctioned off faster than beanie babies used to sell. It seems that everyday I see another thing being sold. At Braswell Galleries’ annual New Year’s Day auction, John Lennon’s famous white suit which he wore on the Abbey Road, was sold to an anonymous bidder for $46,000. That is one expensive, ugly suit. Soon enough they will be selling grass from Lennon’s grave. Anything auctioneers can take from Lennon they will. Heck, they may even auction off Yoko.


McCartney talks Abbey Road

Here is a great video of Paul McCartney talking about his experiences recording music at Abbey Road during his Chaos and Creation at Studio 2. Here is some talking and a beautiful performance of “Friends to Go”

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