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Collegians Crushes With Beautiful Grit In Newly Released Track Killer

5 May

Crushing the grunge rock genre since 2014, and trailing it with their raw sound, Collegians manifests their contagious sound in their latest track, Killer. Sounding similar to Linkin Park, Muse, and Verve, the Collegians sound makes you forget where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going to. Possessing a mix of recognizable 90s grunge rock that infiltrates your existence as a whole, the band succeeds with showcasing that beautiful grit. The vocal talent of Glenn Patrick combined with the gothic and strong lyrics make listeners hooked for more. With the lyrics of “love to hate, that’s why I’m praying for you”, Patrick’s delivery of their powerful music makes Collegians soar and connects their sound to listeners from all walks of life, no matter where they may be.

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Hot Rumours Fuels The Soul With Run To Me

9 Mar



Hot Rumours presents their sound with unlimited effortlessness. Fueling the song’s soundRun to Me, it carries the undertones of rock and roll, angst, and the spirit of authentic feelings. Hailing from Frankie Siragusa, most known for working with members of acclaimed groups such as The Decemberists, Reggie Watts, and REM, Hot Rumours brings the vocalist Aaron Ficchi’s sound into a genre of sophistication and the epitome of brilliant music making. Within the track, Run To Me, it carries deep metaphors as well with lyrics such as “everytime you wake up to someone else, you drive yourself alone”. While Run To Me gives us a glimpse into their debut EP, listeners will be thrilled to know that a West Coast exclusive tour will be in the works for summer, simply spreading the sound of Hot Rumours to ears filled with anticipation.

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Fall 2012 Music Preview

29 Sep


Fall is not only Oscar season. Some of the best albums are also released. This Fall is no different. There are several promising albums coming out. I often find it is difficult to keep track of all the albums that are being released. Often, an album is released, and you don’t find out about it until it is already old news. And, come on, I know everyone likes being a Hipster and knowing about things “before they are cool.” So, consider this your Hipster Fall 2012 primer. Here are some albums you should be looking forward to.

Just to be clear, Mumford and Sons released their second LP Babel earlier this week. Ben Folds Five released their comeback album the week before, and the Killers released Battle Born on 9/18 as well. These albums are not on the list because they have already been released. Here are some more that have been recently released for your consumption

– Green Day album Uno (bet you can guess what the follow-up is going to be called)

– Bob Dylan’s Temptest (soon enough, his albums will be composed of one 60-minute poetic narrative)

– The Avett Brothers: The Carpenter

– Pete Seeger: Peter Remembers Woody AND A More Perfect Union

The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth – October 2

What is it?: The Mountain Goats’ ambitious 14th album

Why should I be excited?: Because lead-goat Darnielle is a lyrical master and the Goats’ music has just become more diverse and creative. This supreme cult-band is among my favorite acts, and the album will most likely be crafty, original, and depressing (like all good Mountain Goats albums).

Muse – The 2nd Law – October 2

What is it?: Muse’s 6th studio album featuring “Survival” which was the official song of the London Olympics this year

Why should I be excited?: Muse has been working on this article since last September. This is their first release since 2009, and that album featured the incredibly popular “Uprising.” The band is comfortably in the zone of solid releases. The album combines their blend of symphonic rock with dubstep and synth pop. Will it overtake the popularity of their last release. I don’t know. Check it out to see.

John Cale – Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood – October 2

What is it?: John Cale, of Velvet Underground fame, is releasing his first studio album in seven years.

Why should I be excited?:  John Cale is a talented musician, and he is combining his alt/rock electronic talents with a staff of uber-talented musicians – Danger Mouse, Mike Jerome, Dustin Boyer. This is one of the more interesting releases on the list, and I am anticipating some handy work by these guys

Other Releases to be Excited About:


  • Flying Lotus: Until the Quiet Comes
  • The Wallflowers: Glad All Over
  • Chris Rene: I’m Right Here


  • Freelance Whales: Diluvia


  • Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance


  • Andrew Bird: Hands of Glory


  • One Republic: Native


I’m Not Joking – Kongos To Storm U.S. Charts with Release

11 Jul

Kongos – In classic shoeless Beatles fashion

Let this be a propitious post, because I am about to make a claim. It is difficult to predict what will stick with listeners and what will not. Today, though, I present to you a band that with their new release Lunatic on July 24 will break the uncertainty of success like it is weak glass. Listen up, because Kongos may be finding a cozy spot on the Fall charts.

While Kongos is based in Arizona, the band, which is made up of four brothers, grew up in London and South Africa. If you recognize the last name, you are not going crazy. The father of the four musicians is South African rocker John Kongos whose 1971 hit single “He’s Gonna Step on You Again” had the whole world moving to the drum beat.

There it is. Kongos’ boys (Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Danny) grew up in music because of their father and are now proving that the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. The brothers have established their own rock act that blends African beats, Eastern European influences, and pure unbridled driving rock. The eye-opening combination is so refreshingly different it is difficult not to get excited about the band of brothers. For a lover of music, it is so intriguing to come across an act that is creating music dissimilar to anything currently being released…and, most importantly, is doing it exceptionally well.

While the band is currently based in the dry heat of Arizona, they have been mainly heralded in their former hot home of South Africa, where their debut release in 2007 found a single in the top 10 of the Tuks FM Top 30, a South African rock chart. That is not to say that the band lacked success in Arizona. It was named the Best Rock Band of Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times a few years back. After partnering with their father to form Tokoloshe Records in 2010, the band started releasing singles that appear on Lunatic. Their first single “I’m Only Joking” hit number one on all three Tuks charts, and several songs from the rest of the album started receiving tremendous airplay in South Africa. It received such play that when the band toured South Africa they encountered sold out venues wherever they went. Like I said above, July 24 is the US/World release.

BUT…The Music Court has some previews from the new album. Be ahead of the swarm with this sneak peek, and, in true hipster fashion, know about Kongos before all those tuneless regular Joes. 🙂

“I’m Only Joking” is the first major single from the new album, and it will surely be the first to stick to the charts like honey. Take a listen while we go through all the positives of this hard-hitting, lustful, manly, burly, genre-splicing, rocker. Enough adjectives for you? The rising drum beat in the introduction gives off an immediate Muse feel (think “Uprising”), but instead of moving into the realm of Muse’s symphonic/alternative rock, Kongos enters into sinister darkness. While Muse plays to the arena, Kongos plays to the underground. The verse is carried by a story-telling voice placed on top of an accordion. It is almost burlesque in a sense, so odd and different that the listener is left in a theater of red and black wondering what they are about to travel into. The chorus takes the verse up a level, while the constant beat remains. It is certainly infectious and will stay in your head. At the end of the chorus (around 1:00), the instruments drop and the vocals echo and then follow a baleful, even pernicious, note progression that can best be described as unreal. I have become quite obsessed with the drum beat and the almost disjointed instrumentation at around 2:10. By the way, they are chanting “Wadu-aidu-wadaidu,” in a cult-like fashion, and I have no clue what it means (I thought originally it was why do I do what I do). The full chorus at the end boils the song over. It is an impressive piece and will hit the charts like a bat out of hell.  


Next up for you I have a song entitled “Come With Me Now,” which does an excellent job accentuating the accordion more (it sets the beat). Take a listen.

The beat itself certainly hints at African influences. The song then shifts into a head-bopping rock hit with a catchy repetition of the first line, yelled melodiously by the chorus of brothers. I think one of the great elements of this song is the clear connection that the band has. You can almost tell they are brothers. All instruments (including voices) are coordinated in an almost innate sense. Not to mention, this song features a portion at 1:30 that completely transforms the piece. It is Keane-like, very British piano rock. The song then falls back into the rhythm and even adds a Western-like guitar riff before the Balkan accordion comes back. The amount of influences this band pours into their songs is remarkable.

The last track I want to expose to you is slower and more intimate. “This Time I Won’t Forget” is a mid-album slow-down piece that displays the curiosity and orchestral diversity of the band. The rhythm is worldly in its spaciousness. The song is open in a Fleet Foxes sort of way, but it is a bit louder and more diverse.

Do you ever have that initial moment with an album where you realize you like all of the songs? Well, Kongos has given that to me. Like what you hear? Check out the bands website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Just Some More Musings

23 Sep

Things like Coldplay‘s first album, Parachutes, normally take a little while to catch on, but it was deservedly an overnight success and as spectacular as Parachutes was, each album has continued to build on the previous one.  At the beginning, their sound was simple, either a piano or acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and bass, but their most recent album and EP, Viva La Vida and Prospekt’s March, are soaring musical works with everything including the kitchen sink.  Sure there are some simpler songs on the album with less total instrumentation (Death and all His Friends), but the albums namesake, “Viva La Vida,” contains a full orchestra and multiple percussion parts and just sounds big.  One of the coolest things about Coldplay is that they have cool sounding music without sacrificing melodic hooks.

Muse lead singer is an enthusiastic conspiracy theorist and takes mushrooms recreationally to open his metaphoric third eye.  And, you can tell.  Lyrically, lead singer Matthew Bellamy conjures scary images of 1984 and a post apocalyptic tyranny while also suggesting that America needs to control Europe, the Middle East and Asia to secure an oil supply in United States of Eurasia in The Resistance.  Their best album, however, is Black Holes and Revelations, which contains both really cool sounds fans have come to expect of the band coupled with catchy hooks (just watch the video for Starlight below).  Musically, Muse uses effects, not only on guitar but also on bass and vocals, to conger images of what I can only imagine is an acid trip but a good one nonetheless.

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