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Maxwell James Spins A Different Vibe For Country Folk Within Album Self-Titled

9 Jul

Upon first listening to Maxwell James, imagine a hybrid of sound between Sam Beam from Iron & Wine and Luke Bryan. Combining just the right amount of guitar strumming and drawn out lyrics, James instruments both perfectly in his album Self-Titled. The tracks on the album vary from angsty rock to feel good country, showing two different sides to his sound. With lyrics like, “roll down your windows slowly, you’ll get to know me” illustrate a storytelling quality that centers around ordinary happenings. The way that he arranges such lyrics to the music makes the qualities of country and rock music into a sound all his own. An example of this on the album is within the track Roll Down Your Window Slowly, a standout track on the EP. The merging of his unique voice, precise musical arrangement, and whipping up a melting pot of sounds will keep listeners wanting more from this Nashville based musician.

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Roger Jaeger Carries Themes of Dreams In Newest Album Start Over

12 Apr

Roger Jaeger definitely characterizes the sweet blend of pop rock and easy listening through his latest track off his third album called Start Over. Despite being from Oklahoma, listeners can definitely hear a combination of worldly influences from abroad and also sounds from nearby Nashville. Further exploring the abroad sound, one can hear the progressive rock mixed with the sound of the sitar. The music video Elevator specifically illustrates the path of a personal journey and its twists and turns into necessary adventure. Overall, the art direction and cinematography of the video as well further supports Jaeger’s artistic and creative endeavors. Furthermore, with lyrics such as “I wish our life would center around a dream” supports just how reflective Jaeger is and how inspiring the theme of dreaming, adventure, and self-discovery blends its way into his overall sound.

The Rise of Jamie Lidell

9 Feb

You never know what you’re going to get when you find an artist that doesn’t fall in the bounds of a specific genre. Sometimes it is just too erratic and “art for art’s sake.” I know there is merit in pushing boundaries, and it’s great to challenge the status quo of music, but I still need melody, and I still want to enjoy what I’m listening to. I don’t care how avant-garde you are. If I don’t like your music, my opinion isn’t going to change just because you think you’re original. You can write new stuff all day that no one has ever composed or dreamed of, but if it’s garbage then I don’t know what all the fuss is about. There is another case though.

Some artists can’t be placed into a solid genre for a better reason. Sometimes artists are just putting together albums that reach far boundaries that become a sublime blend of music that keeps you guessing the entire record. Sure, I love it when bands like AC/DC put out albums because you know exactly what you’re going to get, but I also love being surprised and finding something fresh in a new album.

I recently stumbled upon the music of Jamie Lidell. He is a solo artist from England. He currently lives in Nashville and puts on one hell of a show. He achieved his fame looping rhythm tracks with his vocals and performing as a one man show. I caught wind of this because he is featured on a Simian Mobile Disco track that I love (Off the Map). His music is incredibly soulful, super rhythmic and a complete dance marathon of melody laden music. I can’t imagine this guy being a secret in the music industry much longer.

Both of these songs are the night and day of his music so just in and check out the range of this up and coming artist.

Check out his website for more.

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