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The Smallest Creature Collectively Knows Who They Are With Latest Album The Magic Beans

3 Dec

Take one listen to The Smallest Creature and get ready to transport yourself into another dimension. With heavy synthesized sounds and strong vocals, they create something quite different. The album as a whole I feel sounds like an auditory story being told. A standout track from the album, titled October Song has strong lyrics such as “break away, she said the world will rise”, that paint visual metaphors for listeners that are taken on this journey. The effective use of synth and drumming throughout in a slow, rhythmic manner add a diverse texture to their sound as well. When reflecting on some artists that I would closely categorize them next to would be Soundgarden and Radiohead. Both of these bands have enough diversity in their music as a collective observation, but they are always evolving and have those similarly strong characteristics of sound. From start to finish, there is not a weak track on the album further affirming that The Smallest Creature knows exactly who they are and the capabilities and dimensions of their sound are up for the challenge of the music world.

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Magic Beans

Album Preview – AM by Arctic Monkeys

5 Jul


Sometimes a band just seizes the moment by the scruff of its neck and everyone knows, for better or worse, that it’s theirs. This is one of those times, and Arctic Monkeys are undeniably that band. After opening the Olympics last summer and headlining Glastonbury for the second time, they have built up such momentum that their new album, AM, is going to be a Very Big Event. It may not be out until 9th September, but here are five reasons you should be very excited about it right now.


They owned Glastonbury

The Rolling Stones were the most anticipated; the Mumford and Sons had the biggest sing-alongs, but the Arctic Monkeys owned the weekend. From acoustic versions of Mardy Bum to making everyone dance to When the Sun Goes Down, frontman Alex Turner had the crowd in the pocket of his sparkly blazer. They had all of the confidence they lacked the first time around, telling the crowd: “See you next time.”


They’re one of the most consistent bands about

Every album by the Arctic Monkeys has been very good, despite their constant changes in musical styles. Even Alex Turner’s side projects have been excellent – from the crooning, wistful soundtrack to Submarine to the 60’s-influenced Last Shadow Puppets album. Everything he does comes with a seal of guaranteed quality. The only divisive thing in his back catalogue is their third album Humbug;, which is generally considered a brave experiment that wasn’t wholly successful.

R U Mine? is on there!

Back when R U Mine? was released in the distant past of February 2012, most people assumed it was a one-off single, to keep us content until the next album arrived. Which was fine by us – it contained some their most aggressive musical swagger so far, full of garage rock and cryptic lyrics that Alex specialises in. According to interviews, the band “discovered something in that record we thought was worth exploring”, influencing the rest of the album.


Josh Homme is involved

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman has been producing brilliant records like clockwork for over 20 years now. He produced the band’s third album and is set to appear on their new one. He is one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation and his influence always helps to push the band in a heavier direction.

Alex has become the rockstar he was always meant to be

Like the main character in a coming of age novel, Alex has matured from an awkward teenager to an indie rock god. With each album and image makeover, his confidence has grown – just witness the suave crooning on Suck it and See. It’s difficult to remember how he once sung about romantic problems with such believability. Now he is rarely seen without a leather jacket, sunglasses and a quiff. The time has never been better to see them live.

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