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Woke Up This Morning Feeling…Not So Fine

10 Aug
Replace “not so fine” with “fine” and you have a Carole King/Gerry Goffin composition made known by Herman’s Hermits. Keep the “not so fine” and you have me on this Tuesday morning: tired, achy and indisposed.
And, it just sucks. Excuse my down attitude, but, I hate being under the weather. I want to be above the weather at all times. So, today, I am taking the day off from the internship and staying in my house. But, that does not mean that I can’t complain to my faithful internet public. Yes, you get my full suffering wrath. I haven’t felt poorly in a while. Now that I do feel sick, though, I am showing a distinct bias towards songs about being…well…sick. And, whenever there are multiple songs about a specific subject do you know what that smells like? Fresh baked cookies? No. A brand-spankin’ new poll. Oh Yeah! Perhaps Cross Canadian Ragweed says it best in their song “Sick and Tired.” The line, “Sick and tired of being sick and tired” just explains it all doesn’t it.  So, in this poll I am looking for the best lyric that mentions the word sick in relation to now feeling 100 %.  Below I am going to give you some song lyrics that stand out to me and I am looking forward to your opinion. Like usual there may be other lines that you like better and I am looking forward to what you all think is that classic “sick” line.
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