Lyric of the Day #19: “Knights of Cydonia,” by Muse

16 Jun

Knights of Cydonia            When English band Muse debuted “Knights of Cydonia,” as a single on June 13th, 2006 and as the last track on their 2006 album Black Holes and Revelations, the initial public reaction was a simple Wow. Even for those stuck in the past, like myself, and for all others who generally stay away from modern alternative rock, the song just reached epic status quite quickly. It may be the video, which is more like a condensed space western, or it may just be, as BBC radio DJ Annie Mac described, the song is, “six minutes and seven seconds of pure genius.” If one is familiar with some 60’s music they may notice that it sounds a little like surf guitar music. Especially one band, The Tornados and their #1 hit, “Telstar,” which many of you may have heard covered by over thirty bands. “Telstar,” has a similar sound because “Knights of Cydonia” was inspired by it. Why? Well Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy’s father is none other then George Bellamy who played rhythm guitar with, you guessed it, The Tornados. Funny how everything links together.

         Oh! I almost forgot. This is a lyric of the day isn’t it. Well the reason I chose this song was because of a great suggestion by one of my friends who came to me with a list of possible lyrics. The lyric I chose is of course from “Knights of Cydonia.” It goes, “Don’t waste your time or time will waste you.” In a song about the necessity for one to choose their own fate by standing up for themselves these lyrics fit in well.

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