Song of the Day #33: “Up, Up and Away,” by The Fifth Dimension

1 Jul

           Up, Up, And Away

                Ever have one of those moments where a song sparks an immediate memory. When I heard “Up, Up and Away,” for what I thought was the first time around a year ago I immediately thought to myself that I had heard the song before on an old video that I used to watch when I was little. I was right. It is funny how a song can spark a memory. “Up, Up and Away,” off of the 1967 album also entitled, “Up, Up and Away,” hit tremendous success mainly because of its fantastic use of harmony and melody. To say it was a hit is almost discrediting the song. It cleaned house at the 1968 Grammy Awards, winning five awards, including song of the year.

          A little fun fact. The song was written by Jimmy Webb, an American songwriter, who also wrote, “By The Time I Get to Phoenix,” which was made popular by none other then Johnny Rivers, the man who signed The Fifth Dimension to his Soul City Records. I love connections.

Check it out:

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