Lyric of the Day #67: “One Man Wrecking Machine,” by Guster

10 Nov


“Here in the present tense
Nothing is making sense”

These lyrics are from Boston band, Guster, whose fame came as a college band and has spread forward in the world that has followed. Currently the song is playing on my IHome and I thought, well hey, I have not done a true lyric of the day in a while, so, for today’s post we will delay top lyricists for next week and you all can get a taste of one of Guster’s best songs.

The reason I love this song is partially in the lyrics above. I like Guster’s emphasis on the present befuddlement. Ha! That is such a funny word. I am sorry, it just is.

Looking at the lyrics another part that says a lot is:

“I want to pull it apart and put it back together
I want to relive all my adolescent dreams
Inspired by true events on movie screens
I am a one man wrecking machine”

These lyrics are a calling back to the innocent times of adolescent dreams, of the sweet freedom of college. If we say life is a movie then, as the character in this song is travelling through times, he is experiencing his life falling apart and himself, alone, as the one man wrecking machine. I always found these lyrics to be truthful and real and that is one of the reason I like Guster. What do you all think?


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