Court Polls: What is the Best Rock Album of the Decade?

18 Dec


Name every album in this picture and I will be quite impressed

      Keeping with the theme of last week’s poll, let us explore a slightly tougher question. Judging albums is arbitrary and I know that full well, but, because this is an opinion blog I can make my own decision and no one can stop me (hahaha). Though, in this poll I hope to be unbiased and to outline out six albums that do deserve the title. It would seem like in rock music alone this decade  has witnessed an agglutination of various combinations of genre sampling. What I mean by this is that there has been no unified rock stance like we have seen in decades prior. This list just represents the variety of music that has been played over the past decade and, hopefully, it will put to rest any thoughts that this decade was a wasteland for music. The so-called burning junkyard of rock’n’roll is not so much of a junkyard if you dig deep enough, past the surface of mainstream garbage. You may know some of these albums and may already have listened to the songs, but, listen again, do some research, and let us know what you believe to be the greatest rock album of the last decade. I understand there may be some I left off the list so comment below if you have any other ideas.

Thanks for voting and I am looking forward to your responses. I can assure you that my response and heck maybe even another blogger’s response will be gracing the musiccourt’s pages in a few days. Look up any of the albums on and listen to some tracks from the album if you do not know them.

3 Responses to “Court Polls: What is the Best Rock Album of the Decade?”

  1. Anthony Zampardi December 19, 2009 at 10:06 pm #

    Interesting that you chose I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning. Obviously it was my vote, as I’m considering that poll option to also include Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, which was released simultaneously.

  2. Matt Coleman December 20, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    I believe that this particular album demonstrates more lyrical urgency and lovesickness, but, past the emo lyric status Oberst was once known for. It is his first example of this acquired maturity. This is just my opinion though. I understand that you are more of a Bright Eyes connoisseur than myself.

    By the way I, and I am sure the reading public, would love to read a response on what you believe to be the best album of the decade (whether it be Wide Awake or Digital Urn)


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