Court Links: Shame On You Axl Rose and CD Releases

25 Jan

This is fun. I get to start the court links today with a baseball analogy. Baseball, the next sport that will depress me (just kidding). When I go to a home New York Mets game against, lets say, the Philadelphia Phillies, there are many fans of the away team that walk proudly in the stadium and, like Phillies’ fans do best, annoy everyone and cause raucous. Yet, just because they are donned in their Phillies gear doesn’t give the Mets the right to throw them out of the stadium. They are paying customers just like everyone else and they came to see a show. Axl Rose has never been to a baseball game.

His long war with top-hat wielding guitarist Slash has taken a turn for the disgusting. At a recent Guns & Roses show (why are people still seeing this decrepit and horrible band live) concert goers (who bought expensive tickets) were apparently forced, at the door, to remove any top-hats or Slash shirts so the hard-core rock n’ roll baby on stage didn’t have see remnants of his old buddy when he bangs through songs like “Civil War” which is about how war and fighting just make the powerful become more powerful, while the little man in the crowd has to remove clothing to see an ageing, fake rocker bounce around on stage and shriek. Yeah, Axl Rose, real mature.

There are reports out in the internet world that the TMZ article was a hoax and this incident never happened. Believe what and who you want to believe. Anyone at the show and want to let us know what was going down?

Check out the article:

CD Releases (Tuesday, January 26)

Nothing is really jumping out at me for a true profile, but, I will list below some CD’s that should be interesting listens

Jason Castro: Jason Castro

The first release from the American Idol contestant whose charm and soft voice got him pretty far in the competition. Yes, he was the one with the long hair. Should be an interesting release with some nice tunes.

Beach House: Teen Dream

The third full-length album from the Baltimore, MD indie-rock band should prove to be 10 tracks of great pop music.

Album cover for Teen Dream

Both albums can be bought on

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  2. Jc Hudgins February 10, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

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