New Band Palace: Lubriphonic

5 Mar

Hey new bands out there. Right now you are competing with no one in getting a profile of you on the Music Court. Help with your publicity or just enjoy some random guy saying good things about your band. But, I don’t like to throw away compliments to something that is not showing promise. So, impress me. Send your information: updated band members, bio, some music samples to or through a twitter message. As promised through a twitter message, the band in the palace today is Chicago’s very own, Lubriphonic.So, Lets bring on the funk!

You know what is funny about Lubriphonic. Look at the picture above. They all look like musicians. If I saw these guys I would think of them as awesome musicians before they even play. And, let me tell you, when they play it is a treat for the ears. My assumption that they are awesome musicians is correct. Throughout their individual careers members of Lubriphonic have toured with the likes of Buddy Miles, The Ohio Players, Buddy Guy and Lenny Kravitz. That is not a bad list of musicians. But, they were side-men to these performers. It was never their own creation. But, these men soaked up their back-up experience and eventually came together as one single entity, Lubriphonic; a band that just oozes soul, old-school rock n’roll and funk.

Lubriphonic is the brainchild of blues guitarist Giles Corey and drummer Rick King. Corey has some experience, only performing with guys like Buddy Scott, Eddy Clearwater and, I don’t know, Bo Diddley. King has only appeared in two feature documentaries about the blues and has performed with the likes of Chuck Berry. Yeah, they are only okay blues musicians. After realizing that their skills worked together perfectly, they joined forces like superheroes and recruited more of the very best blues and funk musicians in Chicago. They ended up with an agglutination of funk, soul, blues and rock n’roll dance music that clicked fused into a musical masterpiece. They started selling out weekly shows and realized that something was there.

Lubriphonic is currently touring and will be in various venues in Colorado until March 15. If you live in the area you should go check them out. They make music that drives you to get up and start shaking your hips to the beats. You can check future dates and booking opportunities on

Best Album

Soul Solution

Released in 2008, this album showcases the talents of this band well. It most truly is a soul solution. Giles Corey’s vocal prowess is unmistakable and he at times sounds like Gregg Allman. I don’t throw around compliments like this all of the time. He is also a tremendous guitarist who knows how to enjoy a blues solo. The horns that sound throughout the album are poppin’ and it is hard not to bop your head or move your feet when listening. It is an effervescent and pleasurable release and should be owned.

Buy it here or sample it here:

Best Song

Close your eyes when listening to this song which appears on Soul Solution. “Rain Keeps Falling”  is a classic example of why this band is awesome. The fast blues guitar is paired with staccato horns that blend in magically with the awesome drum beat. And the guitar solo. Just wow. Lubriphonic is a chef and this is a perfect concoction. Magnifico.

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