Lady Gaga wants to die in front of her fans…ZOMBIES

13 May

Lady Gaga, the incredibly eccentric pop musician who has utterly confused and enthused the music world, has recently told Various that she longs to perish while playing a show. “I would rather not die on vacation,” she said. “I’d rather die on-stage with all my fans.” Well, some people want their ashes scattered over the sea, or at a baseball stadium, but, Gaga wants to roma, roma-ma all over the stage. I wonder which song she would like to go out to. I am thinking “Poker Face.” Because, under her ode to a Stanley Kubrick masquerade ball, people won’t even know she is dead. They wont understand that what they are actually seeing is a Gaga ZOMBIE.

Gaga Zombie

Talking about zombies, BEATLES ZOMBIE! Remember Alan Goldsher’s graphic novel, “Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion.” Yeah, neither do I. The book of fantastic illustrations (so I hear) depicts the Beatles as zombies. The book roughly depicts a mass Beatles murder by John Lennon, who after killing his band mates, goes on a zombie tour where the zombie Beatles must be on the lookout for ninja Yoko Ono and zombie hunter Mick Jagger. Wait, this is not the real story of The Beatles after the release of Abbey Road. Well, this absolutely hilarious idea has just been bought by two filmmakers. Yes, this may be made into a film. And, do you know what’s funny. I am more looking forward to this movie than Liam Gallagher’s serious Beatles’ film.



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