Traveling the Dark Star

24 Jul

“Shall we go, you and I
While we can?
Through the transitive nightfall
of diamonds”

-Robert Hunter from “Dark Star”

Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter claimed that this obscure lyric was the first he ever wrote with San Francisco psychedelic superstars, the Grateful Dead. In my opinion, the “transitive nightfall of diamonds” is the obfuscated world of dreams, both tenebrous and terrifyingly apparent. Today, I entered the dream of Christopher Nolan and experienced his new film, “Inception.” It explored different levels of consciousness in wicked cool dream-like action scenes and it sustained a deep message about loss, memory, and guilt. It was not overly complicated. Heck, it’s as easy as saying, well it’s all dreams.

I am not a movie critic so I will stop with my poor review. But, Nolan’s phantasmagorical film did get me thinking about the anagogic subject of dreams and movies. And, wouldn’t you know it, after a quick online search for some fresh court links I came across some news on a movie about one famous guitarist who entered the unknown close to 15 years ago…well, who knows, maybe he just woke up.

Before the long strange trip began

The long-awaited Jerry Garcia biopic finally has a script and a director. Amir Bar-Lev, director of “The Tillman Story” will take Topper Lilien’s screenplay, which is based on of Robert Greenfield’s book, “Dark Star,” and turn it into a motion picture. The movie will focus on Garcia…before the Dead. Now, the question is…who will play Jerry Garcia?


Zach Galifianakis (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)

Jerry Garcia


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