I Am Still Most Certainly “Home”

13 Aug

Edward Sharpe is Alex Ebert. The Magnetic Zeros are his band. I am borderline obsessed with their energetic, effervescent, pop supertrack, characterized by loud “heys,” a spiritual trumpet, a whistling inception, and a love-filled, at times unscripted dialogue with chocolate candy and pay phone calls, all wrapped up tightly with a body-rocking, unmistakeable beat. It is track six on their debut full-length album, Up From Below. Yeah, so, basically the song is a refreshing piece of energy-fused modern music. It portrays talent and a form of musical eclecticism that I, personally, have not seen in a while. I can go on for a while. How about a listen? Here is them performing on Letterman:

Check out an organic acoustic version: http://www.novafm.com.au/Video_Edward-Sharpe-and-the-Magnetic-Zeros-Home-acoustic_101308

See what I mean? Well, this is all the brain child of Alex Ebert whose alter-ego is Edward Sharpe, a character he formed after breaking up with his girlfriend, moving out of his house, and breaking away from a 12-step program as to, “live in a more honest reaction to the truth of the moment, not be bound to certain behaviors by fear-based dogma.” Alright, all the power to you my man. Edward Sharpe? A messianic book character who was, “sent down to Earth to kinda heal and save mankind, but he kept getting distracted by girls and falling in love.”

The real-life Edward Sharpe became distracted by singer Jade Castrinos. He met her outside a cafe in Los Angeles and she proved not to be much of a distraction. Combining with several musicians they formed the band and started touring the country in a big white bus. Thus the story of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. The production of “Home” is the by-product of spirituality, love and youth. And, yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

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