Hot Hot Hot

31 Aug

Man, I never thought I would wish for Binghamton to get cold. Living on the third floor of a house without central air and suffering through balmy days of 92 and sunny can certainly drive someone wild. I have two fans running, but, that is just recirculating steamy air in and out of my room. Well, if it is any consolation, Binghamton will soon plunge into a tenebrous winter. And, you can count on me complaining on how it’s too cold out soon.

Much apologies to everyone who reads this blog daily. Over the past few days I have been bogged down with class attendance, house maintenance, and GRE review. I take the GRE’s in 7 days and the hybrid-SAT-like test is making me study math all over again. I just can’t quit you mathematics, what with your esoteric geometrical equations and your “Hey, I can actually understand this” algebra and quadratic equations. At least, the English section has made me focus even more on new vocabulary and, if you have not noticed, I like words.

But, back to the soporific heat that is practically acting as a narcotic right now!

Yup, There I am

Ah, heat, how your temporary grasp on the Binghamton area is causing me such discomfort. Dare I say…we are going through a heat wave?

This 1963 heat…I mean hit was written by the renowned Motown songwriting team of Lamont Dozier and the Holland brothers. It was released in July and shot up the charts almost immediately. Martha Reeves combines with her Vandellas and the Funk Brothers provide the backing R&B, jazz track. Ah, must at its finest. Enjoy.

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