Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

11 Oct

I went out with a Beatles‘ song and six long days later I am certainly back to where I once belonged.

I apologize for the long Court hiatus. Court was still in session, but, blog posts were left entrapped in my head while my body moved from place to place to place. Business is in my nature.

But, as the Jets prepare for their Monday Night Football game against the Vikings of Minnesota, I am finally back writing and am quite happy to do so.

How about some Links?

How can we not remain on the subject of those man on the rooftop above. Well, specifically just the man in the picture. Arguably the greatest rock musician since Louis Jordan composed one of the first rock songs with “Choo Choo Ch’Boogie in 1946, John Lennon would have celebrated his 70th birthday two days ago, if he was still alive that is. His murder stopped an incredibly talented 40-year-old right in his tracks and cut off any chance of him to achieve more musically and politically. No post can do the man justice so I thought I would just provide you with something I found interesting in the large amount of news about Mr. Lennon that has been popping up on the internet recently.


The FBI is still bothering Lennon even after his death. What? Conspiracy Theory? I am just kidding of course. I am keen to absurdity and the Lennon conspiracy theories are certainly absurd, but, so is the FBI seizing 34-year-old fingerprints. Seriously, even if it is government property, how is it affecting anyone anyhow. I am confused.

I mentioned Louis Jordan and this inspirational song helped bridge the gap between country and blues music. It formed some true rhythm and blues and was truly before its time. Enjoy.

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