The Peace, Crazy, Love Train. Wow, That Can Drive Someone Insane

1 Nov

Drew Angerer/The New York Times

This past weekend saw the Comedy Central sponsored “Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear” provide both humor and seriousness to television viewers and those who attended the event at the National Mall. Political satirists Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted the event. And, while the event was politically based, there were several defining musical moments. This was the best one.

The clip may be a bit lengthy but I suggest you watch the entire thing. It is just a wonderful combination of musicians that I am sure no one ever thought would be together in any shape or form. Well, leave it to the Comedy Central duo to produce such an amazing concert. The exchange is scripted, but, funny. Big shout out to Ozzy, Yusuf (Cat Stevens) and The O’Jays. Yes, Ozzy vs. Yusuf provided a mash-up of two songs that should have never been put together, but, hey in the name of train comedy. It was nice hearing the sweet sounds of Cat Stevens (he did record “Peace Train” as Cat Stevens). Actually, for the sake of this article, let’s call him Steven Demetre Georgiou. Yeah, I dug up his name before Cat before Yusuf Islam. He is a tremendous singer and performer. Ozzy was Ozzy and that’s just fine.

The O’Jays had the longest performance and their uninterrupted “Love Train” was a hit.

Some people may be calling this a train crash, but, I thought it was fun.

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