Paul Diello Doesn’t Lose

16 May

Paul Diello

We are traveling across the pond for today’s artist, Paul Diello. Diello was awarded the Best Solo Artist distinction at the Brighton Music Awards in 2010, and has since released his debut album The Last Green Bottle in October 2011 to positive reviews. He has toured the album extensively, playing across the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, and America, where he is currently. His burgeoning popularity is for good reason; Diello possesses a masterful, genre-bending voice.

That is, of course, one of the most important prerequisites of any solo artist. Stripped down to the purity of artist and song, Diello is able to take listeners on an emotional odyssey that turns on every nook of his vocal. By far, this is Diello’s most endearing quality. His vocal is one part Tim Rice-Oxley, one part Adam Lambert – a mixture of subtle, timorous falsetto and flamboyant, impassioned chops. To express Diello’s voice I am choosing to share a song without any window dressings. This is the piano (radio edit) of his song “You Lose.”

Notice the fluffy airiness that is masterfully mixed with his ardent timbre. Diello’s controlled vibrato echoes over the keys with clean efficiency. It is simply a joy to listen to him sing. Then as the song reaches its climactic end, Diello pours emotion into the remaining notes but never loses his vocal discipline. It’s a wonderful example of firm flexibility. Great piece by an up-and-coming artist!

Keep track of Diello on his Website, Facebook, and Twitter

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