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What This Blog Will Offer

26 May

Holy Rock God. We salute you with five necks        First, and foremost, this blog will be your loyal court for anything and everything music. We want a loose blog where all music lovers can gather and discuss various posts, concerts, and bands. We invite musicians to come and promote their music and viewers to spread their respectable opinions while hopefully enjoying the daily updates. This all shall be done by maintaining a harmonious blog atmosphere for everyone (how bout that subtle musicality).

       We will provide songs of the day, lyrics of the day, album reviews, and our own thoughts on music news, concerts, and new bands. Basically, how about everything music. Because that is what we do here in the music court as your lute playing jesters, get pummeled by the kings (your) authority and cower in fear while providing you with music information. Drop on by and comment away. Hey, promote your band and maybe you will get on the main page as a new band of the week.

      Also, moving away from the norm we will provide you with a 60’s Band of the Week. Let’s keep the greatest classics alive while discussing all those famous musicians in their 60’s bands. Do you know what Van Morrison’s original band was called. Van Morrison, yeah the guy who sings “Brown Eyed Girl.” What are you deprived, go listen to that song it’s a classic. So do you know them? Van Morrison’s first band is embedded into that last sentence. All 60’s music in the band of the week section.

      Above all, we want you to enjoy and never forget music is best listened to in daily dosages. So get that dosage  with The Music Court.


Our Harmonious Goal

26 May

The Jester

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

 It comes to no surprise that this truthful quotation was spoken by Victor Hugo whose most famous work has itself delved into the wonders of song. It is indeed impossible to be silent about good music and we, as your trustworthy jester, will introduce, review, and reflect on all tunes, notes, lyrics, and melodic sounds. The jester and his lute to the rocker and his guitar; Music is life and Life forever will be encapsulated in music

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