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“Going up the Country” – Back to Binghamton.

13 Oct

If you have been viewing this blog for a while, you know that a post about “Going up the Country” by Canned Heat has become synonymous with my trips up to Binghamton. What started as a quick and short post just to alert readers that I was driving four hours north to Binghamton (and could not post that day because of it), became a tradition, a sort-of good luck charm, declaring safe passage up to Binghamton University. I graduated from Binghamton last Spring and I am now settled into the world of commuting, but, as the title of this post suggests, I will be visiting the Ol’ Alma Mater this weekend, and therefore “Going up the Country” returns.

Canned Heat’s “Going up the Country” struck it big because of its appearance in the Woodstock movie. Because of its bluesy and rhythmic bustle, and apt message (for the journey to Woodstock was a trip up the New York country), the song became that Woodstock song. Alan Wilson’s trademark high-pitched and possessed croon just assisted in the song’s overall aura.

I have posted about this song too many times. How can I possibly make this any different? Well, hmm, today I believe I will do my favorite cover version of the song.

Here is “Going up the Country,” the 50’s shuffle version.

The band is Kitty Daisy & Lewis and this country/rock-a-billy/all-around twang sibling throwback play music in London. This version of the song has gained over one million views on YouTube, which is a pretty extraordinary feat. It moves. It’s cool. A well-put together and filmed cover.

But my favorite version (that is not the original) is not a cover at all. Instead, it is actually what the song is based on (or completely stolen from, matters who you ask). Alan Wilson is listed as the writer of the song, but Henry Thomas recorded the song with different lyrics in 1928. So, yeah, it’s stolen (not the lyric, but the entire melody) “Bull Doze Blues” is “Going up the Country.” Enjoy the quills!

Going Up The Country…For the Last Time

20 Jan

On The Spine - I am not in this picture. But I should be

Today marks the last time I will make the trek up to Binghamton University in anticipation for either Fall/Spring semester. I have reached the Spring semester of my senior year of college. In May I will adorn green and white and graduate with a BA in English – Rhetoric – Creative Writing – whatever other English specification you want to pack into my degree. I am excited to enter the “real world.” I may be continuing my education at a Graduate level in hopes of achieving a masters in journalism. Or I may immediately enter the work force and become a member of the working population. For now, I will enjoy my last semester of college.

Since today is the last time I will be heading up to Binghamton after winter (or summer) break, it also is the last time that I will feature “Going Up The Country” by Canned Heat paired with my farewell Long Island post. This classic, that was made iconic by the Woodstock movie, is not only a Woodstock anthem, but also an ode to my departure to the north country. Upstate New York…where the water tastes like wine?

The Canned Heat recording from Woodstock also makes the perfect driving song. In it you can hear Bob Hite say that he really needs to pee but there is nowhere to go. A problem when you are driving up deserted 17 as well. So, for good luck on my final trip, here is Canned Heat with “Going Up The Country.”

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