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Robin Trower is Live

22 Sep

Robin Trower has made a career of flying under the radar. He put together eye-opening guitar pieces for Procol Harum when he played lead guitar for them from 1967-1971. And then he created his own power trio and went on to record one of the best rock/blues pieces of the 1970s. Seriously, “Bridge of Sighs” (1974) is as good as it gets. But, ask about Robin Trower today, and besides the classic rock intelligentsia composed of people who lived during the era and classic rock diehards like myself, most people do not know about the wonders of Robin Trower. But, tonight, I want to dig slightly deeper into Robin Trower. I want to go under his more known Bridge of Sighs and Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973) and explore the realm of one of Trower’s underrated, underrated albums. You following me? The man is underrated twice over. Go underneath the surface and find the awesome chocolate filling.

Robin Trower Live - 1976

Robing Trower’s power trio (which also consisted of drummer Bill Lordan and excellent vocalist James Dewar) performed a live set for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. The concert was at the Stockholm Concert Center in Sweden. It took place on Feb. 3, 1975. In an interview with Guitar Player magazine in 2006, Trower said that they were not aware the show was being taped, thinking they were playing for a radio broadcast only. “We were loose and uninhibited, and we played one of our best shows,” said Trower.

It was not one of their best shows…it was their best show. The sound that seeped from his guitar that night was magical. And, one cannot forget about the wonderful drumming by Lordan and Dewar’s croon. As for live albums, the album is not looked at as one of the better ones of the favorites, but, I am telling you tonight that it is certainly up there. The album is a must-listen and if you like good blues guitar you should start listening to Mr. Trower.

Here is “Alethea” which he also performed in Sweden. This recording is in London in 1975.

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