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The Best Songs of 2010: #10: “Excuses” by The Morning Benders

20 Dec

How can you not like number graphics?

And it officially begins. Today is December 20. By December 30 the mystery will be unraveled and the Music Court’s top 10 songs of the year will be revealed. People love lists. Seriously, if I devoted this entire blog to “Best-Of Lists” I would gain a tremendous amount of viewers. For the next 10 days (excluding Sunday the 26) I will list a song a day from today’s #10 to Dec. 30 #1. Let us begin with #10.

Song: “Excuses”

Artist: The Morning Benders

I have been trying to put my finger on what “Excuses” by The Morning Benders sounds like. Well, the #10 song on our list was released in March of 2010 and co-produced by Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor. The Grizzly Bear influence is evident. The song is what happens when you put Spector’s “Wall of Sound” concept and late 60’s light, melodic, British psychedelia into a particle collider and let them hit each other at such a rapid speed that it bends time and travels 40 years and penetrates lead singer Chris Chu. The melodic hook in this song is beyond wonderful…it’s eery.

This is a 5-minute work of genius. Notice how we immediately are introduced to a wacky string section that already hits us with the Grizzly Bear sound. And when they erupt into the acoustic chords and normal string section it is as if we have been sent back in time. The string coordination is beautiful. Chris Chu’s voice appears in the first verse and, just like an ocean wave, douses listeners with water infused with vocal goodness. The harmony prior to the chorus is so British harmonizing it is absolutely scary. The lyric is not shabby either.

The breakdown extends the song’s infectiousness. We have another one that sticks. And, in typical “Wall of Sound” fashion, the breakdown slowly rises into this ultimate crescendo that leads into the powerful last verse where it seems like several voices are pounding into listeners. After listening to the song I felt drenched. This piece starts off our Top 10 well. And, as you can imagine, if this is #10 we have a solid list and 10 days ahead of us. See you all tomorrow.

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