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Top 10 Songs of 2014 – #3: “Take Me To Church” by Hozier

9 Dec


I’m going to go out on a limb and proclaim that Hozier had the best year of any Irish musician. That’s not a big limb to go out on though because Hozier has transcended the realms of internet popularity and has entered into the homes of a diverse range of music lovers. His sweet croon, lugubrious lyric, and rough-around-the-edges tint creates an aura of pious music with a hint of melancholy and malevolence. In that, Hozier creates an almost mystical persona that is all the more attractive to his listeners.

Hozier released debut EP Take Me To Church with the eponymous title track in tow back in 2013, but, like one other song on the countdown, I am taking into account when the song jumped in popularity, and that was during 2014. Since then, Hozier has performed on Saturday Night Live and is currently on an international tour with a slew of sold-out dates. The song and its singer have taken off into the stratosphere of music, and Hozier is well deserving of the accolades he has received.

Usually I avoid songs with 40 million YouTube views, but Hozier’s piece “Take Me To Church” is popular for good reason. His sultry vocal carries over drawn-out keys like a dirge. The song carries a dark overtone; Hozier knows the song is downcast and he is proud of it. This leads to Hozier’s unmistakeable chants of “amen,” which is untraditional in a pop song, but carries with sardonicism that is refreshing. It is almost anthemic in its darkness, and that is impressive. Excellent song that is a great #3 on the list!

Check out Hozier’s Website, Facebook, and Twitter

Holy Holy Hozier

16 Jun



When I first heard Hozier’s dark croon masterfully guide the lyric of his subtle condemnation “Take Me to Church,” I listened in silent awe and quickly lapped up his EP. That was month’s ago, and since then Hozier has taken the alt/rock world by storm by way of YouTube, Reddit, and the eager ears of many active listeners. He has also released a new EP, From Eden. I am not that different from the rest of the millions of ears that have allowed Hozier’s voice to soothe them; his vocal has become unmistakable and one listen can easily ensnare any music lover.

What is it about the 24-year-old Irish musician that is so enticing? Is it his aforementioned voice, which blends the passion of Dan Auerbach and command of Bhi Bhiman? Is it his instrumental diversity, wet and heavy with foreboding percussion mixed with lightly plucked guitar accompanying consequent softness? Clearly both of these elements play to Hozier’s draw, and it is an absolute pleasure to write about such a skilled musician.

Hozier is a true musician. He has consistently been involved in groups, including Anuna, an Irish choral group, which he sang in for three years. Now, he has shifted his focus to unique rock music, and the music scene is the better for it. Hozier’s seminal piece “Take Me to Church” is not only a commentary on religion but also an oddly spiritual experience; the vocal and voluminous melody transport the listener to a melodious shrine. It is difficult not to listen to this song on repeat.

“Like Real People Do,” which also appears on Hozier’s debut EP (Take Me to Church) is a completely different tune. While “Take Me to Church” is a dark, rhythmic piece, “Like Real People Do” is more Iron & Wine than Airborne Toxic Event. The song is subdued and, dare I say, pretty. The guitar is picked with Hozier’s voice, and the song is fluent.

I suggest checking out more of Hozier’s music on his website. You can also check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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