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Zach Hill – Face Tat

18 Sep

Mummies wrapped in caution tape stand swinging traffic signs into the air. They line the dark streets, reflective and destructive. A drunken group of people wearing magic hats run around. They cheer as they run directly into the danger, being struck down dead by the traffic signs with explosions of bright color but, they continuously re-appear so that the group continues on their merry way seemingly unharmed. They laugh with the music emanating from a large bronze mechanical dog following them shooting lasers into the night sky. Each person’s hat has a number on it which decreases each time they have to re-spawn. First one to zero wins.

That’s definitely a good music video idea right there. Or maybe it could be a fun way to spend your time once virtual-reality is invented. /shrug


Zach hill is a self taught drummer from California, primarily known for his role in the band named Hella. He recently released a solo-album which both displays his spectacular drumming abilities as well as his eccentricity. The album is called Face Tat.

A rip of paper, an amazing bouncy bass-line, and voracious high-hat hits are what consist of “The Primatives Talk”, definitely the most listenable song on the album. The vocals are very well done with their trippy lines. “Why is everyones face blurred? Tell me that you saw what I just saw” The song has a slight hint of  a light tone, giving the song overall a very bizarre vibe. Like a happy, yet confusing bliss.

An old radio station tunes into “Jackers”. The drum-beat in the this song is oppressive upon the soul, but only in the best of possible ways. I again cannot stress how talented Zach Hill is as a drummer. This short song is basically him drumming over a rhythm of completely random noises. Too short in my opinion.

“Ex-Ravers” is out there. Again, we see a brilliant display of drumming, but this time it is accompanied with very harsh and bizarre vocals. “I changed my mind, by clearing the room” The synths definitely make song by giving it this slow motion feel. It probably contains some excellent time signatures which I cannot even begin to understand. The two different ‘parts’ of this song contrast very well, giving you something to desire, ending in the most perfect way possible.

The rest of the album only gets weirder, but in my opinion the man is a visionary. I did however try to pick the most listenable songs for all of you out there… completely honest. Music like this isn’t for everyone, but if you are one can appreciate it like me, then all the more power to you. The more types of things you understand in life, the fuller your life will be.



P.S. I won the hat game.

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