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Heading Back Up To Binghamton – Going Up The Country

28 Nov

Oh do I love the 4-hour drive to Binghamton…and the 2-hour round-trip to Cornell and back to Binghamton. No, seriously, I really do not mind it. While some would scoff at the long drive and complain, I welcome it. It is not hard to put my foot on the gas for an extended period of time, especially when I have good company and an iPod jam-packed with music on shuffle. Now, it is not my favorite thing in the world. But, it’s not too bad.

In what has become a semi-tradition here at the Music Court, I always preface my trip up north with Canned Heat‘s “Going Up the Country,” which unofficially became the anthem of Woodstock and has now become good luck for my ride up to school.

Did you know that multi-instrumentalist Jim Horn played a large flute part in the song? Horn played flute and saxophone on The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and solo albums by three members of the Beatles.


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