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It’s time to “Get it On”

13 Sep

Football is back. Those three words are just so sweet for fans. Putting on that lightweight mesh material with your team’s logo on the front and a player’s name and number on the back is just invigorating. You know you will be in for a season of getting Queso dip on that jersey and tossing the jersey when your team plays poorly. As consistent readers of the blog may be able to tell you, I am a New York Jets Fan. Yes, the over-hyped team of the off-season. Well, as Jets fans can tell you, it does not matter how much hype is on this team, they are still our poor Jets, our “Same ol’ Jets” until they can prove something different. This may be the year that they do just that.

It’s Monday, and while most football crowded CBS and Fox yesterday, the Jets and Baltimore Ravens face off tonight on Monday Night. But, instead of doing the obvious and picking some Hank Williams Jr. for the blog post today, I thought I would try to be clever. Instead, in honor of our sexy coach, here is T-Rex performing “Get it On,” something I hope comes sooner rather than later, because I am getting impatient.

Now, this is a great song minus the weird British club dancers in the background. Released in 1971, “Get it On” was written by glam-rocker Marc Bolan. Bolan was an exceptional talent, a true visionary who was taken from the world at only 30 years old. It saw tremendous success in the UK (#1) and is certainly the group’s best known song. It hit #10 on the charts in the U.S.

This performance is from Top of the Pops (a British music chart television program). And, yes, that is Elton John playing with them as a guest musicians. Interesting story though, not about Elton John. On the record, the piano glissando (a glide from one pitch to another) was performed by Rick Wakeman. Wakeman, best known as YES’s keyboardist, was desperate for work at the time and needed to pay his rent. He bumped into Bolan on the street and Bolan offered him the session. “Wakeman pointed out to Tony Visconti that the record didn’t actually need a piano player. Visconti suggested that he could add a gliss, Wakeman said that Visconti could do that to which Bolan replied “you want your rent, don’t you?”” (credit: Wikipedia). Funny story. Bolan took the job and made some cash.

So, enjoy the music and, as always, J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

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