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14 Jun

Hi everyone.

This past Sunday night I was in Manhattan seeing a small show featuring two incredibly talented artists. The headliner was Clark, whom I have written about before. He put on one hell of a dance party, showcasing pretty much every single style of electronic known to man. But he is not who I want to talk about. Rather, I would like to focus the spotlight on the artist who opened, named Shigeto.

Shigeto, is a young artist from Michigan, the name being his Japanese middle name. He gained popularity by making bizarre and interesting beats. Here are two of his more popular ones.


The concert started out with him playing his beats for us in good old electronic fashion. He had a small controller which he used to play this one particular high-hat sound. But what really astounded me is when he about 20 minutes into his set sat down at the drum set placed on the stage and began displaying his ridiculous abilities as a jazz-drummer.

I’m pretty sure everyone in the audience including myself was left speechless, managing only maybe the sounds of awe. I was remembering what my friend had said about Shigeto taking Jazz classes. They surely paid off. Only those lucky enough to go out on a Sunday night would know the glory. Even Clark seemed slightly intimidated as it most definitely was a tough act to follow.

Be sure to look out for this aspiring artist in the future, and if he just so happens to be playing a show in your area, I recommend ditching all responsibilities to see it. You won’t regret it.



P.S. I found a video of him performing live. Enjoy this awesomeness.

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