Upcoming Releases: The Weepies and Blitzen Trapper

3 Jun

I love the Internet. The fact that I can post on this blog and be linked to various other sites, searches and people in a matter of seconds is something extraordinary. Yesterday, directly after Armando Galarraga’s perfect game was taken away by a missed call at first base by umpire Jim Joyce, numerous videos, pictures and reactions spread like the bubonic plague throughout Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and several blogs. A black mark for baseball turned into an Internet wildfire resulting in over 5,000 people joining an anti-Joyce Facebook group by this morning. 

Musicians have also learned to take advantage of this age where a mere Google search can reveal up to the second information about a particular subject. Yes, the unfortunate prevalence of torrents and stealing music has not made life easy for the musician. But, since this topic seems to be as inevitable as Chipper Jones (the third basemen for the Atlanta Braves) injuring himself, musicians have had to learn new ways to get people interested in buying their albums. What is one way they are doing it?


By releasing the entire album several days before it goes on sale. Blitzen Trapper, the experimental folk/rock/pop sextet based in Portland, Oregon, has released the entirety of their fifth studio album Destroyer of the Void as an exclusive preview on NPR’s website.

Credit: Todd Roeth

 This is an interesting release strategy. It seems similar to going to Borders and reading an entire book before you choose whether or not to buy it. The question can be raised, does this help with sales. I think it’s smart. Blitzen Trapper is just taking advantage of a quick-paced Internet age by allowing fans to get a real bite out of the album. And, if they think it is tasty, they may be more willing to buy either the entire album, or specific songs they like, from Itunes.

After chewing on the album for several minutes, I have tasted something a little wacky, but certainly delectable. Blitzen Trapper’s last release, Furr, ranked #13 on Billboard’s Best Albums of 2008 and the title track “Furr” hit #4 on Billboard’s Best Singles of 2008. This major success lifted Blitzen Trapper to a level of recognition, and I predict that their new release Destroyer of the Void may propel them to an even higher level. Trapper singer/songwriter/composer Eric Earley, with his bands skilled touch, has found a way to organize a true hugger-mugger of genres and styles into a harmoniously neat album that is even more experimental and dramatic than their last album. They have convinced me to buy the album when it officially goes on sale on June 8.

Another idea is simply releasing the album’s first single several months before the entire album is released. The Weepies, the married folk/rock duo from California, have taken this route. Their highly anticipated Be My Thrill will be released on August 31, but, until then, you can listen to the album’s single “I Was Made For Sunny Days” over and over again on their website…or buy it on Itunes. And, if the song is any indication of what the rest of the album will be like, Weepies’ fans can rejoice.

Listen here: http://www.theweepies.com/

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