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Sebastian O Reveals Rock Sound In Latest Album In Your Room

10 Jun

When taking a listen to In Your Room, one can hear all the beautiful melodies that this Italian musician makes sure to highlight in his music. From the various instruments that make their appearance on the album and the raw and real sound, Sebastian speaks to those who listen with an open mind and open heart. Comparing his vocals to the likes of Conor Oberst, Devendra Banhart, and Turin Brakes, Sebastian carries his strong musicianship with a powerful force. In regards to his writing approach, Sebastian approaches the song writing process as a flow of thoughts leaving the music he creates to be something so much more than just lyrics on a page. Adding no extra editing or tuning makes In Your Room something even more special for listeners wanting to hear original and fresh music. With a different approach than most musicians, listeners should be eagerly awaiting his newest creation.

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Metaspion Revives Scandinavian Tradition With Folk & Electronic Sound

7 Jun

Merging the world of Scandinavian sound with folk and electronic beats make listeners intrigued as they listen to Metaspion’s album Folktronika Schmolkfonika. With violins and a distinct sound within their music, one can hear the worldly and gothic tone that their music carries. When thinking about artists that are similar, musicians within the gothic genre stand out. Spooky Black, Crystal Castles, and a dash of Dresden Dolls all come to mind throughout the album. Alongside these similarities, the characteristics of EDM and lo-fi rock make their cameos as well. Formed by Morten Richter, he created the band out of a yearning to get back into music after a hiatus from the music industry. Previously being a lead performer of a glam rock band, Metaspion carries a different vibe. The name translates to meta- about itself, and spion which means spy. Richter cites that it evolved as a result of therapy sessions and seeking within. With plans to maintain the interest in Norwegian music and sound, Richter will be releasing another album, complete with more unique instruments, distinct sound, and an unwavering passion to spread the word of a music maker.

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Track below is from Metaspion’s album Old Rules Don’t Apply

Suki Rae & Company Channels Lightheartedness Within Album Can’t Stop Now

6 Jun

Suki Rae & Company brings an aura of activism and a free spirit within her album Can’t Stop Now. Mixing the elements of eclecticism and easy listening melodies, Suki’s music has all the characteristics of traditional folk music with an eclectic twist. Within Can’t Stop Now, powerful vocals and a robust musical arrangement crafts an universal sound. Having a background in musical theater  adds to the sound as well on the album, characterized by larger than life vocals and elaborate storytelling. From singing about struggles, powering through, and appreciating the world, Can’t Stop Now not only inspires, but reveals the many styles and sounds of Suki Rae & Company.


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Crooked Flower Proves Grunge Rock Is Timeless With Newest EP Darkness & Light

6 Jun

Crooked Flower brings their rock and grunge sound to light in their album Darkness and Light. With lyrics that are reflective and full of grit, listeners will find that their sound is very similar to Natalie Imbruglia, Paramore, No Doubt, and a dash of vocal talents of Amy Lee from Evanescence. The casual style of writing and vivid descriptions through the four track EP draws you in and keeps you listening. A standout lyric within the album includes “I still see you, still I see you there, I don’t need you, I don’t even care”. The vocal talents of Angela Dang and the musical arrangement together yield a standout and distinct sound that is distinctively Crooked Flower. Overall, Darkness and Light brings that 1990s grunge rock and 2018 embraces that with open arms.

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*Track Is From Crooked Flower’s previous album, Between Two Stars

Good Field Elevates Newest Album Surface Tension Into Easy Listening Vibes

5 Jun

Upon first listening, Good Field brings on the tone of acoustic sound in their newest album Surface Tension. A few tracks in the album and you will find these uniquely crafted songs in sound and lyrics. When you have talented people working on the album with you that are known in the industry Jim Eno from Spoon’s studio and James Petralli from White Denim, a high expectation is made and the final product speaks for itself. The bulk of the album spins a mixture of melodic reflecting and airy pop as well within the tracks. The voice of lead singer Paul Price aids in crafting a sound that can only be described as hypnotizing. When placing similarities on other similar artists, Deerhunter, Cold War Kids, and the Walkmen are a few that share the easygoing melodic pop that draws you in wanting to listen to more. Surface Tension will definitely be an album to add to the must listen list for 2018.

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